Table 4. Yields† of 23 soft red winter wheat varieties

Yields† of 18 soft red winter wheat varieties evaluated in 7 County Standard test in Tennessee during 2020

 VarietyAvgYld bu/acMOIST %TWT lb/buCarrroll 19-NovFayette 6-NovGibson 20-NovMadison 14-NovMoore 4-NovWeakley 18-OctWTREC 24-Oct
ADyna-Gro 952276.114.157.583746693697474
ABWinfield CP801576.014.157.889696183708180
ABUSG 353975.913.959.0926853100756876
ABAgriPro SY 54774.913.857.9566453108827983
ABCProgeny #Blaze72.513.857.2596657102746882
ABCDyna-Gro 969271.814.455.3415662111767879
ABCDUSG 323071.313.557.673665190706682
ABCDEUSG 332970.713.957.3556148101708377
ABCDEWinfield CP802270.614.556.948554996768883
ABCDEWinfield CP880069.914.455.6476839108728076
ABCDEDyna-Gro 994169.613.957.059466098767178
ABCDEAgriPro SY Viper69.114.756.1525256100..85
ABCDEWarren Seed McKenna 33567.914.256.744695191776876
ABCDEWinfield CP808167.614.358.555615899586280
BCDEProgeny #Bullet66.513.757.853575288716975
CDEProgeny #Turbo63.214.055.549533588786874
DEUSG 389562.113.557.844734697495966
EAgriPro SY Richie61.815.355.454525095416377

Yields have been adjusted to 13.5% moisture.  Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each  
location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the average yield 
Statistical analysis was not conducted on this data due to the lack of replication. 
Official test weight of No. 2 wheat=58 lbs/bu. TWT = Avg. Test Wt. lbs./bu @ 3 locations.
(-) denotes complete loss to deer damage (awnless varieties)
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