Table 4. Yields† of 23 soft red winter wheat varieties

Table 4. Yields† of 23 soft red winter wheat varieties evaluated in 3 County Standard test in Tennessee during 2019
VarietyAvgYld bu/acMOIST %TWT lb/buFayette 24-OctMadison 29-NovWeakley 24-Oct
Armor Rage83.214.9%56.665.5107.476.5
Progeny #Blaze81.814.7%57.859.1106.579.7
Croplan SRW 941580.214.8%58.955.6100.284.9
Dyna-Gro 969279.414.9%56.974.098.965.2
Stratton Seed GW 205878.314.7%57.364.9101.968.1
Progeny #Bullet77.714.8%56.868.398.866.1
Armor Mayhem77.615.1%56.662.599.770.5
Croplan SRW 855077.514.7%56.675.890.166.6
Dyna-Gro 952277.315.5%56.160.496.974.7
Warren Seed McKenna 33576.915.2%56.767.691.671.6
AgriPro SY Viper76.615.7%55.990.163.1
Warren Seed McKay 12075.015.5%56.455.592.477.1
USG 332974.915.8%56.544.1101.279.4
Stratton Seed AGS 205574.514.3%56.356.6101.965.0
Progeny #Warrior73.415.3%56.288.358.5
Croplan SRW 960673.114.5%56.333.3101.184.8
Dyna-Gro 994170.515.8%53.737.796.876.9
USG 389569.315.6%55.547.680.180.2
USG 353668.414.6%57.154.980.070.4
Dyna-Gro 993267.116.0%56.049.892.958.6
AgriPro SY 54766.114.9%56.639.493.065.9
Armor Venom65.115.2%57.340.088.866.6
Stratton Seed GW 203263.215.4%57.635.482.571.7
  • Yields have been adjusted to 13.5% moisture.  Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each  location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the average yield
  • Statistical analysis was not conducted on this data due to the lack of replication.
  • Official test weight of No. 2 wheat=58 lbs/bu. TWT = Avg. Test Wt. lbs./bu @ 3 locations.
  • (-) denotes complete loss to deer damage (awnless varieties)
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