2018 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results

Tyson B. Raper, Cotton and Small Grains Specialist
Department of Plant Sciences

Contributing Authors 
Ryan H. Blair , Extension Area Specialist – UT Extension
Shawn Butler, Research Associate – Department of Plant Sciences
Dalton McCurley, Research Specialist  – Department of Plant Sciences
J. Richard Buntin, Ext Agent III & Director, Crockett Co – UT Extension
Philip W. Shelby, Ext Agent III, Gibson Co – UT Extension
Jake Mallard, Extension Agent II, Madison Co – UT Extension
Lindsay Griffin, Extension Agent I, Haywood Co – UT Extension

Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results | 2018 (PDF)


2018 Official Variety Trial Results

2018 County Standard Trial Results




2017 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results  [ Download PDF file ]

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