2019 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results

Tyson B. Raper, Cotton and Small Grains Specialist
Department of Plant Sciences

Contributing Authors
Ryan H. Blair – Extension Area Specialist – UT Extension
Dalton McCurley – Research Specialist  – Department of Plant Sciences
Cheyenne Williams – Research Specialist – Department of Plant Sciences
Freeman Brown – Extension Assistant – UT Extension
Philip W. Shelby – Ext Agent III, Gibson Co – UT Extension
Jake Mallard – Extension Agent III, Madison Co – UT Extension
Lindsay Stephenson – Extension Agent II, Haywood Co – UT Extension
Savana Denton – PhD Student – Department of Plant Sciences



2019 Official Variety Trial Results

2019 County Standard Trial Results

Two summary tables have been constructed from the 2019 CST data.  The first (Table CST1) includes all 18 entries (Enlist, GlyTol/LibertyLink and XtendFlex) across five locations.  The second (Table CST2) includes the 14 XtendFlex entries in across eight locations.  Due to poor stands, only 16 of the 18 Madison County entries have been reported in Table CST9 and the Madison County data was not included in either overall average table.




2018 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results | (PDF)

2017 Tennessee Cotton Variety Trial Results  |  (PDF)

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