Table OVT7. Average lint yield, turnout, and fiber quality of 41 entries

Table OVT7. Average lint yield, turnout, and fiber quality of 41 entries in the 2021 Official Variety Trial conducted in Ridgely, TN listed by yield rank.

VarietyLint Yield
Turnout† (%)MicLength (in.)Strength (g/tex)Unif (%)
1AR 9371 B3XF2054a44.251.1630.285.2
2ST 5091 B3XF2001ab44.34.31.193184.6
3DP 2127 B3XF1986abc45.45.11.1833.285.2
4BX 2295 B3XF1985abc44.24.81.2432.485
5PHY 443 W3FE1983a-d434.91.2134.587
6PHY 332 W3FE1979a-e41.94.51.2834.586.4
7PX 1140A385-04 W3FE1971a-e46.95.21.1935.486.6
8DP 2038 B3XF1965a-f47.24.91.1431.883.2
9PX 1140A383-04 W3FE1921a-g44.651.2536.786.9
10BX 2298 B3XF1870a-h42.64.81.1530.984.5
11ST 4990 B3XF1834a-i39.54.21.2632.286.9
12PHY 400 W3FE1832a-i44.84.71.23486.5
13AR 9608 B3XF1826a-i454.61.2231.884.8
14ST 4550 GLTP1807a-i44.84.71.1933.485.7
15DP 2141 B3XF1801a-i43.35.11.223684.2
16PX 4B08 W3FE1779b-i43.95.21.1233.884.8
17AMX 20B037 B3XF1771b-i44.34.61.2136.385.3
18DG 3555 B3XF1763b-i41.941.2734.286.2
19DG 3317 B3XF1763b-i43.
20ST 4993 B3XF1735b-j45.251.2234.286.2
21DP 2115 B3XF1735b-j45.551.1432.783.8
22PX 1130A329-04 W3FE1733c-j44.651.2535.386.9
23DG 3535 B3XF1717d-j42.94.51.2332.384.8
24DP 1646 B2XF1712e-j42.94.51.331.785.3
25AR 9831 B3XF1703f-j44.451.23283.9
26NG 4190 B3XF1701f-k44.34.61.2232.186.8
27NG 3195 B3XF1675g-l43.
28DG 3456 B3XF1663g-l43.74.41.2131.685.6
29PHY 360 W3FE1656g-l42.24.81.2131.984.7
3020R734 B3XF1651h-l43.
31DG 3644 B3XF1636h-m40.74.71.283586.2
32PHY 390 W3FE1635h-m43.
33NG 5150 B3XF1632h-m43.84.71.2333.785.2
34NG 4936 B3XF1623h-n41.74.71.213286.4
35DG 3520 B3XF1597i-n40.341.2933.386.5
36DP 2020 B3XF1492j-o40.24.51.2633.885.1
37DP 2012 B3XF1435k-o424.41.2533.586.2
38NG 5711 B3XF1426l-o41.94.71.2933.385.6
39BX 2297 B3XF1371mno43.54.81.23184.6
40DG 3469 B3XF1359no40.94.71.2432.285.9
41BX 2296 B3XF1326o44.251.223385.5

¥Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (p=0.05). 

†Data from the first replicate was excluded due to observed off-target herbicide injury from a yard/brush spray.  Turnout and fiber quality determined from ginning two 25 boll samples collected from the third and fourth replicates. 

Tennessee AgResearch data of Raper et al. (2021).


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