Table OVT5. Lint yield, turnout, and fiber quality of 42 entries in the 2017 Milan Research and Education Center Official Variety Trial in Milan, TN, listed by yield rank.

Yield RankVarietyLint Yield (lb/ac)
1DP 1820 B3XF1824A
2DG 3526 B2XF1604B
3DP 1522 B2XF1572bc
4ST 4946 GLB21557b-d
6DP 1518 B2XF1541b-e
7ST 5517 GLTP1539b-f
8CP 9608 B3XF1506b-g
9NG 3406 B2XF1483b-h
10PHY 430 W3FE1479b-h
11ST 4949 GLT1457b-i
12PHY 330 W3FE1457b-i
13NG 4601 B2XF1454b-j
14DP 1823NR B2XF1449b-j
15PHY 444 WRF1444b-j
16CPS 172281420b-k
17PHY 340 W3FE1403c-l
18PHY 490 W3FE1394c-m
19PHY 480 W3FE1379d-m
20DP 1725 B2XF1354e-n
21PHY 430 W3FE1352e-n
22DP 1646 B2XF1350f-n
23ST 5020 GLT1343g-n
24PHY 312 WRF1336g-o
25NG 3699 B2XF1328g-o
26PHY 440 W3FE1324g-o
27PHY 300 W3FE1318g-o
28DG 3385 B2XF1304h-o
29ST 4848 GLT1300h-p
30DP 1614 B2XF1289i-p
32CPS 16214 B2XF1253k-p
33PHY 450 W3FE1240k-p
34NG 3522 B2XF1222l-p
35SSG UA 2221212m-q
36BRS 3351210m-q
37BRS 2861181n-q
40Red Leaf1033Q
41SSG HQ 2101025Q
42BRS 293720R
 ¥Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (p=0.05).Tennessee AgResearch data of Raper et al. (2017). 
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