Table OVT5. Average lint yield of 58 entries in the 2018 Agricenter International trial in Memphis, TN, listed by yield rank.

Yield RankVarietySeedcotton Yield (lb/ac)Lint Yield (lb/ac)Turnout (%)†
1DP 1725 B2XF175574642.5
2BX 1973GLTP173674442.8
3MON 17R821B3XF181673340.4
4PHY 480 W3FE182572639.8
5DP 1614 B2XF175572341.2
6DP 1820 B3XF173671741.3
7DP 1646 B2XF176071740.7
8ST 4949GLT168070842.2
9BX 1975GLTP170870741.4
10NG 5007 B2XF175570740.3
11PHY 300 W3FE170869340.6
12NG 3522 B2XF167168240.8
14PHY 330 W3FE162966841
15CPS 18864 GLTP172765838.1
16ST 5471GLTP170465738.6
17AMX 1819 B3XF173665737.8
18PHY 440 W3FE162465740.4
19DP 1835 B3XF153165242.6
20CP 9608 B3XF147964743.7
21AMX 1801 B3XF166264638.9
22ST 5122GLT167164538.6
23DG 3214 B2XF165264138.8
24BX 1974GLTP152163741.9
25DP 1518 B2XF162963639
27BX 1976GLTP149362041.5
28CPS 18817 B3XF153561940.3
29PHY 350 W3FE158761738.9
31NG 4689 B2XF159661138.3
33ST 5517GLTP160560937.9
34MON 17R818B3XF149359639.9
35CP 3475 B2XF160159537.2
37PHY 340 W3FE142859241.5
38PHY 320 W3FE150359039.2
39NG 4601 B2XF143758340.6
40AMX 1817 B3XF141958141
41AMX 1818 B3XF147558139.4
43NG 3699 B2XF153556736.9
44AMX 1815 B3XF161956635
45CP 9178 B3XF135856541.6
47ST 5818GLT145656138.5
48AMX 1816 B3XF156855935.7
49CP 18XC9 B3XF140955339.2
50PHY 430 W3FE133054941.3
51ST 5020GLT138653238.4
52NG 3729 B2XF138152337.9
54CPS 18507-B B3XF125151641.2
55NG 3517 B2XF140550636
56NG 3780 B2XF130248337.1
57NG 4777 B2XF123246537.8
58DG 3385 B2XF117645338.5
LSD (p<0.05)168


†Turnout calculated from ginning all four replicates of entire plot lengths from Ames Plantation and Lake Co locations.

Tennessee AgResearch data of Raper et al. (2018).


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