Yield RankVarietyLint Yield (lb/ac)
1DP 1820 B3XF1824A
2DG 3526 B2XF1604B
3DP 1522 B2XF1572bc
4ST 4946 GLB21557b-d
6DP 1518 B2XF1541b-e
7ST 5517 GLTP1539b-f
8CP 9608 B3XF1506b-g
9NG 3406 B2XF1483b-h
10PHY 430 W3FE1479b-h
11ST 4949 GLT1457b-i
12PHY 330 W3FE1457b-i
13NG 4601 B2XF1454b-j
14DP 1823NR B2XF1449b-j
15PHY 444 WRF1444b-j
16CPS 172281420b-k
17PHY 340 W3FE1403c-l
18PHY 490 W3FE1394c-m
19PHY 480 W3FE1379d-m
20DP 1725 B2XF1354e-n
21PHY 430 W3FE1352e-n
22DP 1646 B2XF1350f-n
23ST 5020 GLT1343g-n
24PHY 312 WRF1336g-o
25NG 3699 B2XF1328g-o
26PHY 440 W3FE1324g-o
27PHY 300 W3FE1318g-o
28DG 3385 B2XF1304h-o
29ST 4848 GLT1300h-p
30DP 1614 B2XF1289i-p
32CPS 16214 B2XF1253k-p
33PHY 450 W3FE1240k-p
34NG 3522 B2XF1222l-p
35SSG UA 2221212m-q
36BRS 3351210m-q
37BRS 2861181n-q
40Red Leaf1033Q
41SSG HQ 2101025Q
42BRS 293720R


¥Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (p=0.05).

Tennessee AgResearch data of Raper et al. (2017).

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