Table CST13

Table CST13. Results from the 2020 Tipton Enlist County Standard Trial planted May 18th and harvested Oct. 27th.

Yield RankVarietyLint Yield (lb/ac)Turnout (%)MicLength (in.)Strength (g/tex)Unif. (%)HVI ColorLeaf GradeLoan Value
1PHY 390 W3FE144440.54.41.2134.383.331455.15
2PHY 360 W3FE1360414.81.2132.382.141454.15
3PHY 332 W3FE1349384.81.2634.384.241454.35
4PHY 443 W3FE1348404.81.1933.584.941354.9
5PHY 400 W3FE134041.64.61.2536.185.441552.45

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