Table 1. 2019 Official Variety Trial details

LocationPlanting DateSoil TypeTillageFertilityIrrigation
Ames Plantation15/6/19Memphis Silt LoamNo-Till80-var P&KNone
Gift5/21/19Loring Silt LoamNo-Till70-var P&KNone
MREC25/23/19Collins Silt LoamRaised Bed80-0-90-10None
Ridgely4/30/19Reelfoot Silt LoamNo-Till90- var P&KNone
WTREC34/29/19Collins Silt LoamMinimal-Till107-40-90-12.5None

1 Ames Plantation Research and Education Center, Grand Junction, TN

2 Milan Research and Education Center, Milan, TN

3 West Tennessee Research and Education Center, Jackson, TN.

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