Table 1. 2018 Official Variety Trial details.

LocationPlanting DateSoil TypeTillageFertilityIrrigation
Agricenter Int.5/25/18Falaya Silt LoamConventional100-60-60None
Ames Plantation15/4/18Memphis Silt LoamNo-Till80-var P&KNone
Maury City5/9/18Grenada Silt LoamMinimal Till90 var P&KNone
MREC25/14/18Collins Silt LoamRaised Bed80-0-90-10None
Ridgely5/8/18Reelfoot Silt LoamNo-Till90- var P&KNone
WTREC35/1/18Collins Silt LoamMinimal-Till107-40-90-12.5None
WTREC3,46/1/18Collins Silt LoamMinimal-Till107-40-90-12.5None

1Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN

2Milan Research and Education Center, Milan, TN

3West Tennessee Research and Education Center, Jackson, TN.

4The late planted West Tennessee Research and Education Center OVT data is still being processed and will be released later this winter.

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