The authors would like to extend a special thanks to Moore Farms, John Lindamood, Dr. Blake Brown, Director of Research and Education Center at Milan, Dr. Scott Stewart, Director of the West Tennessee Research and Education Center, and Dr. Rick Carlisle, Director of the Ames Plantation Research and Education Center for their assistance and cooperation in conducting large plot replicated trials and/or OVTs on their farms during 2021. We would also like to thank the numerous county extension agents and producers who conducted CSTs in 2021. 

This program was partially funded by Cotton Incorporated State Support Project No. 15-917TN and Cotton Incorporated Core Project No. 15-929.  Additionally, all entrant companies provided financial support to the TN Cotton Research Program during the 2021 season.  Their contributions are vital to covering costs of conducting this research and are greatly appreciated.  We also gratefully acknowledge donations of other inputs used in conducting this research from AMVAC Chemical, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Cannon Packing Company, Dow AgroSciences, FMC Corp., and Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. and Nichino.  

Finally, we would like to recognize the USDA-AMS Cotton Division Classing Office in Memphis, TN which provided the fiber quality data reported herein and all who were involved in plot establishment, maintenance and harvest.  Thank you.


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