2019/2020 Standard Wheat Test

2019/2020 Standard Wheat Test (18 Varieties x 7 Locations)

MSVarietyAvgYld bu/acMOIST %TWT lb/buCarroll 19-NovFayette 6-NovGibson 20-NovMadison 14-NovMoore 4-NovWeakley 18-OctWTREC 24-Oct% ≥ Avg.
ADyna-Gro 952276.114.157.58374669369747486
ABWinfield CP801576.014.157.88969618370818086
ABUSG 353975.913.959.092685310075687671
ABAgriPro SY 54774.913.857.956645310882798386
ABCProgeny #Blaze72.513.857.259665710274688286
ABCDyna-Gro 969271.814.455.341566211176787971
ABCDUSG 323071.313.557.67366519070668257
ABCDEUSG 332970.713.957.355614810170837771
ABCDEWinfield CP802270.614.556.94855499676888343
ABCDEWinfield CP880069.914.455.647683910872807657
ABCDEDyna-Gro 994169.613.957.05946609876717857
ABCDEAgriPro SY Viper69.114.756.1525256100..8560
ABCDEWarren Seed McKenna 33567.914.256.74469519177687629
ABCDEWinfield CP808167.614.358.55561589958628043
BCDEProgeny #Bullet66.513.757.85357528871697529
CDEProgeny #Turbo63.214.055.54953358878687414
DEUSG 389562.113.557.84473469749596629
EAgriPro SY Richie61.815.355.45452509541637714

  Yields have been adjusted to 13.5% moisture.  Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the average yield Statistical analysis conducted at 95% confidence interval. Varieties with the same MS letter are not significantly different. Official test weight of No. 2 wheat=58 lbs/bu. TWT = Avg. Test Wt. lbs./bu @ 7 locations. % ≥ Avg. is the % of locations that variety is at or above the field average. Programs in agriculture and natural resources, 4-H youth development, family and consumer sciences, and resource development University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture and county governments cooperating. UT Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.
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