Table OVT6

Table OVT6. Average lint yield of 44 entries in the 2020 Agricenter International trial in Memphis, TN, listed by yield rank.

Yield RankVarietyLint Yield† (lb/ac) 
1ST 5091 B3XF1021
2DP 2115 B3XF1019A
3AR 9608 B3XF994AB
4PX 4B08 W3FE993AB
5DG 3456 B3XF984ABC
6DP 1646 B2XF968ABCD
7NG 3195 B3XF963ABCD
8ST 4990 B3XF959A-E
9AR 9831 B3XF939A-E
10AR 9371 B3XF936A-F
11DG 3317 B3XF932A-F
12DP 1725 B2XF920A-G
13ST 4550 GLTP913A-H
14PHY 350 W3FE913A-H
15DG 3385 B2XF907A-I
16NG 4098 B3XF903A-I
17DG 3520 B3XF895A-J
18NG 5150 B3XF883A-J
19ST 4993 B3XF871A-J
20PHY 390 W3FE869A-J
21DP 2038 B3XF869A-J
22DP 2020 B3XF869A-J
23PHY 360 W3FE865A-J
24AMX 19A016 B3XF860A-J
25NG 4936 B3XF839A-K
26NG 3930 B3XF819A-K
27ST 4480 B3XF818A-K
28PHY 400 W3FE802A-K
29NG 3522 B2XF796A-K
30AMX 19A014 B3XF783A-K
31PHY 332 W3FE778A-K
32MON 19R132 B3XF771B-K
33BX 2192 B3XF742C-K
34AMX 19A015 B3XF738D-K
35AMX 19A018 B3XF737D-K
36DP 1518 B2XF731D-K
37AR 9210 B3XF716E-K
38DG 3535 B3XF714E-K
39BX 2194 B3XF692F-K
40DG 3427 B3XF686G-K
41PHY 443 W3FE673HIJK
42BX 2151 GLTP650JK
43DP 2012 B3XF647IJK
44NG 3729 B2XF604K
LSD (p<0.05)173
CV (%)20.8

¥Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (p=0.05).

†Turnout and fiber quality determined from ginning one replicate from Gift, Grand Junction, Jackson and Ridgely.

Tennessee AgResearch data of Raper et al. (2020).

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