Corn hybrid characteristics

Table 15. Characteristics, as described by the seed company, of corn hybrids evaluated in yield tests in Tennessee during 2020.

HybridTestGrain ColorMaturityHerb. Pkg.§Insect
RefugeReleased or Exp.Seed Treatment
AgriGold A639-70 STXRIBEarlyY107RR, LLSSNRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A642-47 STXEarlyY112RR, LLSSNRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A645-16 VT2PRO**Med.Y115RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A645-80 3110Med.Y115RR, LLVRNRCruiser 500
AgriGold A647-35 3330FullY117RR, LLVIP 3330NRCruiser 500
AgriGold A6544 VT2RIB ***EarlyY113RRVT2PYRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A6572 VT2RIB ***Med.Y114RRVT2PYRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A6659 VT2RIB**Med.Y116RRVT2PYRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgVenture AV7516QMed.Y116LL RR2QNRPoncho 500 VITiVO
AgVenture AV8216YHBMed.Y116LL RR2HX1NRPoncho 500 VITiVO
Armor A1029EarlyY110RRVT2PRAcceleron500, Poncho, Votivo
Armor A1299EarlyY112RRVT2PNRAcceleron500, Poncho, Votivo
Armor A1575Med.Y115RRVT2PRAcceleron500, Poncho, Votivo
Caverndale Farms CF 753 GTCBLLEarlyY107GT, LLCBNRCruiser Maxx 250 + VIB
Caverndale Farms CF 794 VIP 3111 EarlyY109GT, LLA4NRCruiser Maxx 250 + VIB
Caverndale Farms CF 859 VIP 3111Med.Y114GT, LLA4NRCruiser Maxx 250 + VIB
Croplan CP 5073EarlyY110RRVT2PRAcceleronPonchoVotivo500
Croplan CP 5340EarlyY113RRVT2PYRAcceleronPonchoVotivo500
Croplan CP 5550Med.Y115RRVT2PRAcceleronPonchoVotivo500
Croplan CP 5678Med.Y116RRVT2PYRAcceleronPonchoVotivo500
Dekalb DKC60-80 RIB GENVT2PEarlyY110RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC62-53 GENVT2P**EarlyY112RRVT2PNRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC64-64 RIB GENSSRIBMed.Y114RR, LL SSYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC65-95 RIB GENVT2PRIB**Med.Y115RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC65-99 RIB TRECEPTA RIBMed.Y115RRTREYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC66-18 RIB GENVT2PRIBMed.Y116RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC67-37 RIB GENSSRIBFullY117RR, LLVT2PYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC67-44 RIB GENVT2PRIB***FullY117RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250 P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC68-69 RIB GENVT2PRIB***FullY118RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC70-27 RIB GENVT2PRIB**FullY120RRVT2PYRAcceleron P250P/V EDC
Dyna-Gro D50VC30EarlyY110RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D53VC33EarlyY113RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D54VC34Med.Y114RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D55VC80**Med.Y115RRVT2P NRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D57VC17FullY117RRVT2P NRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D58VC65FullY118RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
LG Seeds LG5643 VT2Pro***Med.Y114RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Votivo
LG Seeds LG62C35 VT2ProEarlyY112RRVT2P NRPoncho 500, Votivo
LG Seeds LG64C30 TRC***Med.Y114RRTRENRPoncho 500, Votivo
LG Seeds LG66C32 VT2ProMed.Y116RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Votivo
LG Seeds LG66C44 VT2ProMed.Y116RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Votivo
LG Seeds LG68C22 VT2ProFullY118RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Votivo
Local Seed Co. LC1289 VT2PEarlyY112RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1307 TCEarlyY113RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1398 VT2PEarlyY113RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1407 VT2PMed.Y114RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1488 VT2PMed.Y114RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1497 DGVT2PMed.Y114RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1506 VT2PMed.Y115RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1577 VT2P**Med.Y115RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1697 VT2PMed.Y116RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1707 VT2PFullY117RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1806 VT2PFullY118RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1898 TCFullY118RRTRENRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1987 VT2PFullY119RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Mission Seed A1257 VT2PEarlyY112RR2VT2PNRAcceleron 250
Mission Seed A1477 DGVT2PMed.Y114RR2VT2PNRAcceleron 250
Mission Seed A1548 DGVT2PMed.Y115RR2VT2PNRAcceleron 250
Mission Seed A1657 VT2PMed.Y116RR2VT2PNRAcceleron 250
Mission Seed A1798 VT2PFullY117RR2VT2PNRAcceleron 250
NK Seeds 1523 3220Med.Y115RR, LL VZYRCruiser/avicta 250
NK Seeds 1677 3110Med.Y116RRVRNRCruiser/avicta 250
Progeny EXP1912EarlyY112RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP1913EarlyY113RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP1915Med.Y115RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP1917FullY117RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP2010EarlyY110RRTRENEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP2013EarlyY113RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP2017FullY117RRVT2PNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny EXP2018FullY118RR, LL SSNEPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 2008 VT2PEarlyY108RRVT2PNRPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 2012 VT2PEarlyY112RRVT2PNRPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 2015 VT2PMed.Y115RRVT2PNRPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 8116 SSMed.Y116RR,LLSSNRPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 9114 VT2PMed.Y114RRVT2PNRPV500+EDC+B360
Progeny PGY 9117 VT2P***FullY117RRVT2PNRPV500+EDC+B360
Spectrum 6228EarlyY112NoneNoneNRCruiserMaxx Corn 250
Spectrum 6416Med.Y114nonenoneNRCruiserMaxx Corn 250
Spectrum 6775FullY117NoneNoneNRCruiserMaxx Corn 250
Taylor Seed T-8835 VT2PROMed.Y114RR2VT2PYEAcceleron 250
TN 2001FullYFullNoneNoneNRCruizer Maxx 250
TN 2002FullYFullNoneNoneNRCruizer Maxx 250
Warren Seed DS 5018EarlyY110RR, LL YGCB, HX1NRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo
Warren Seed DS 5210EarlyY112RR, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo
Warren Seed DS 5371EarlyY113RR, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo
Warren Seed DS 5510Med.Y115RR, LL YGCB, HX1NRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo
Warren Seed DS 5676Med.Y116RR, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo
Warren Seed DS 5676Med.Y116RR, LLBCW,ECB,FAW,SB,SCB,SWCB,WBCNRPoncho 1250/Votivo, Rancona,Maxim Quattro,Intego Solo

* Hybrids marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group across locations for two (**) or three (***) years within the previous three year evaluation period.

  • For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 17.
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