Table 15. Characteristics, as described by the seed company, of corn hybrids evaluated in yield tests in Tennessee during 2019.

HybridGrain ColorMaturityHerbicide Pkg.§Insect
RefugeReleased or ExperimentalSeed Treatment
AgriGold A6544VT2RIBY113RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6572VT2RIBY114RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6659VT2RIBY116RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A641-06VT2RIBY111RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A641-54VT2RIBY111RRVT2PYRPoncho 500+Votivo
AgriGold A642-59VT2RIBY112RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A644-32TRCRIBY114RRVT2PYRPoncho 500+Votivo
AgriGold A645-16VT2PROY115RRVT2PNRPoncho 500+Votivo
AgriGold A647-46VT2PROY117RRVT2PNRPoncho 500+Votivo
AgriGold A648-54STXY118RR, LLSSXNRPoncho 500+Votivo
Armor A1118Y111RRVT2PNRA500
Armor A1299Y112RRVT2PNRA500
Armor X9115Y115RRVT2PNRA500BHFNS
Armor X9116Y116RRVT2PNRA500
Augusta A1165Y115RRVT2PNRCruiser 250
Augusta A4463Y113RRVT2PNRCruiser 250
Caverndale Farms CF 753 GTCBLLY108RR,LLCBNRCruiser Maxx 250 + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 794 VIP 3111 Y109RR,LL CB,BL,RW NRCruiser Maxx 250 + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 859 VIP 3111Y114RR,LL CB,BL,RW NRCruiser Maxx 250 + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 888 3000GTY117RR,LL CB,RWNRCruiser Maxx 250 + Vibrance
Croplan 5335Y113RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Croplan 5340Y113RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Croplan 5370Y113RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Croplan 5678Y116RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Dekalb DKC62-53Y112RRVT2PYRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC63-57Y113RRVT2PYRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC64-35Y114RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC65-95Y115RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC66-75Y116RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC67-44Y117RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC68-69Y118RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC70-27Y120RRVT2PNRAcceleron
Dyna-Gro D50VC30Y110RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D54VC14Y114RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D57VC51Y117RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D58VC37Y118RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D58VC65Y118RRVT2PNRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D55VC80Y115RRVT2P NRAcceleron 500
Dyna-Gro D57VC17Y117RRVT2P NRAcceleron 500
LG Seeds LG5643VT2RIBY114RR,RRVT2RIBYRPoncho 500+Votivo
LG Seeds LG5650VT2RIBY115RR,RRVT2RIBYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
LG Seeds LG62C02VT2RIBY112RR,RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
LG Seeds LG62C35VT2ProY112RR,RRVT2P NRPoncho 500+Votivo
LG Seeds LG64C30TRCRIBY114RR,RRTreceptaYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Local Seed Co. AV7516 YHBY116RRYHBNRPonch Votivo 500
Local Seed Co. AV8614 YHBY114RRYHBNRPonch Votivo 500
Local Seed Co. LC0877 VT2PY108RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1488 VT2PY114RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1577 VT2PY115RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1586 TCY115RRTreceptaNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1878 VT2PY118RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1987 VT2PY119RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LCX11-91Y111RRVT2PNEXPAcceleron 300
Local Seed Co. LCX16-91Y116RRSSXNEXPAcceleron 300
Local Seed Co. LCX1795 VT2PY117RRVT2PNRAcceleron 300
Local Seed Co. LC1289VT2PY112RRVT2PNRRadius 500
Local Seed Co. LC1776VT2PY117RRVT2PNRRadius 500
NK Seeds NK1354 3220EZ1 Y113RR, LLHX1, VIP3220RCruiser Max
NK Seeds NK1573 3330 Y115RR,LL HX1, VT2PRCruiser Max
Progeny EXP1712Y112RR, LLSSXNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny EXP1808Y108RRVT2PNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny EXP1912Y112RRVT2PNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny EXP1913Y113RRVT2PNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny EXP1915Y115RR, LLSSXNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny EXP1918Y118RRVT2PNEXPA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY 9114VT2PY114RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY 9117VT2PY117RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY5115VT2PY115RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY6116VT2PY116RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY6119VT2PY119RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY7111VT2PY111RRVT2PNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Progeny PGY8116SSY116RR,LLSSXNRA500, Votivo, EDC, B300
Spectrum Premium Non GMO 6244Y112nonenoneNRCMX250
Spectrum Premium Non GMO 6334Y113nonenoneNRCMX250
Spectrum Premium Non GMO 6416Y114nonenoneNRCMX250
Spectrum Premium Non GMO EXP1401Y114nonenoneNEXPCMX250
Terral REV 24LPR70Y114RR2, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 25BHR80Y115RR2, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 26BHR30Y116RR2, LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 2858SXEY118RR2,LL,ENLIST SSXNRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 24BHR99Y114RR2,LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 25BHR89Y115RR2,LLYGCB, HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Terral REV 28BHR18Y118RR2,LLYGCB,HX1NRPoncho/Votivo 1250
Warren Seed DS 5018Y110RR,LL YGCB,HX1NRPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro
Warren Seed DS 5319Y113RR,LL YGCB,HX1NRPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro
Warren Seed DS 5329Y113RR,LL YGCB,HX1RPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro
Warren Seed DS 5510Y115RR,LL YGCB,HX1NRPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro
Warren Seed DS 7215Y115RR,LLPCNRPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro
Warren Seed DS 7513Y114RR,LLPCNRPoncho/Votivo/ILevo/Maxim Quattro

  • For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 17.
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