Variety†CST & REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST & REC Tests Avg. Moisture %CST Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST Avg. Moisture %REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aREC Tests Avg. Moisture %
Average (bu/a)5912.96112.25713.5
Warren Seed DS 3838 R2Y6113.16312.45913.8
Warren Seed DS 3745 R2Y5912.86012.25813.5
Terral-REV Brand REV 38R10 (RR)5712.65912.05513.2


† If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR), then it is not part of the variety name.

‡ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.