Table A-30. Mean yields and agronomic data from Springfield, TN Non-Irrigated, MG-5

Table A-30. Mean† yield, agronomic traits, and quality of 18 Maturity Group V Early (5.0 – 5.4) soybean varieties evaluated in small plot replicated trials without irrigation at the Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center in Springfield, Tennessee during 2021. Analysis included variety performance over a 1 yr (2021), 2 yr (2020-2021), and 3 yr (2019-2021) period.

VarietyHerbicide Pkg†Avg. Yield§
Moisture at Harvest
Plant Height
1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr
MO S16-9478CConv.55A13.4D27A-C1.0138BC
MO S16-14801CConv.47AB13.7B-D27A-C1.0138BC
AR R13-13997Conv.46A-C13.3D26A-E1.0138CD
AR R15-1587Conv.46BC13.6B-D24C-G1.0139BC
Progeny P5016RXS*R2X, STS45BC45A41A13.2D13.9A13.2A27A-C30A31A1.01.01.0138BC143B142A
Local Seed Co. LS5009XS*R2X, STS43B-D48A13.5CD14.0A27A-D30A1.01.0139B145A
Credenz CZ 5282XFXF43B-E13.4CD27AB1.0139B
Progeny P5252RXR2X41B-G41A40A13.7B-D14.2A13.7A24B-G27A28B1.01.01.0138BC143B142A
Progeny P5003XFXF41B-E13.4D22FG1.0137D
USG 7562XFXF41B-E13.2D21G1.0138BC
Asgrow AG54XF0XF, STS40B-F14.9A26A-F1.0141A
AgriGold G5000RXR2X, STS40B-G13.2D29A1.0137D
AR UA54i19GTRR39C-G38A13.9B-D14.3A26A-F28A1.01.0138CD143B
Asgrow AG52XF0XF, STS37D-G13.6B-D23D-G1.0139BC
Progeny P5121E3E333E-G14.3A-C21G1.0138CD
Dyna-Gro S52XT91R2X33FG13.6B-D22G1.0137D
AgriGold G5288RXR2X, STS33G14.3AB23E-G1.0139BC
Local Seed Co. LS5119XFXF32G13.9B-D23E-G1.0138CD
Standard Error4440.30.60.7132053

† Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability. Values highlighted in light orange are above average for a given trait, MS letters highlighted in dark orange are in the “A group”, indicating no statistical difference from the top-performing variety, for a given trait.

* Asterisks after a name indicate the number of preceding consecutive years in the top-performing “A” group.

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31.

§ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.

‖ Lodging was evaluated on a a scale of 1 (no lodging) to 5 (complete lodging). 

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