Table 43. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2017, as provided by the seed company.

VarietyRelative MaturityHerbicide Tolerance†SCN Resistance‡Stem Canker‡SDS‡Frogeye‡Flower Color§Pubescence Color‖Seed Treatment
AgriGold G3520RX3.5R2XR3, MR14, PI88SRSPGAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G3980RX3.9R2XR3, MR14, PI88RRSPGAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4380RX4.3R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88RSRPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4440RX4.4R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88SSSWTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4685RX4.6R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88RSSPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4835RX4.8R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88SSRPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4990RX4.9R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88SSRWTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G5000RX5.0R2X,STSR3, MR14, PI88RRSPTAgriShield F+I
AGS GS45R2164.5RR23,14RMRMRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AGS GS46X174.6R2X3,14RMRRPLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AGS GS48R2164.8RR23, 14MRMRMRWLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AR Osage5.6CONVNRMRRPGApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR R09-4305.1CONVPGApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR R11-79995.7CONVPTApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR R11-83465.6CONVPTApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR R13-10194.9CONVPGApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR UA 5014C5.0CONVNRMRMRPTApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR UA 5414RR5.4RRS2,S3,S5,S14RMRMSWGApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR UA 5715GT5.7RRNWGApronMaxx/Cruiser
AR UA 5814HP5.8CONVNRSRPTApronMaxx/Cruiser
Armor 46-D084.6R2X
Armor ARX44074.4R2X
Armor ARX46074.6R2X
Armor ARX48074.8R2X
Asgrow AG36X6 RR2X3.6R2XR3Acceleron I
Asgrow AG37X8 RR2X3.7R2XR3RMRMSPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG38X6 RR2X3.8R2XR3RMRMSPTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG38X8 RR2X3.8R2XR3RMSRPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG39X7 RR2X/SR3.9R2X,STSR3RMSMRPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG41X8 RR2X4.1R2XR3RMSMRPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG43X7 RR2X4.3R2X,STSR3RMSRLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG44X6 RR2X4.4R2XR3RMRMRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG45X8 RR2X/SR4.5R2X,STSR3RMSMSPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG46X6 RR2X4.6R2XR3MRMRMRPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG46X7 RR2X4.6R2X,STSR3RMSRLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG46X8 R2X/SR4.6R2X,STSR3RMSMSPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG47X6 RR2X4.7R2X,STSR3RMRRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG48X8 RR2X/SR4.8R2X,STSR3RMSMSPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG51X8 R2X/SR5.1R2X,STSR3MSMRRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG53X6 RR2X5.3R2XR1, R3MRRRWTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG55X7 RR2X5.5R2XSRMSMSTAcceleron I
Beck’s Hybrids 4669X24.6R2X,STSR3, MR14 RMRMRPGEscalate
Beck’s Hybrids 494L44.9LLR3, MR14RMRMRWLTEscalate
Beck’s Hybrids 4991X24.9R2XR3, MR14RMRRWLTEscalate
Caverndale Farms CF 387 HT-GLYn3.8RR3, 14MRMRMRTEN + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 427 HT-GLY/STSn4.2RR,STS3, 14MRMRMRTEN + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 478 RR2Y/STSn4.7RR2,STS3, 14MRMRMRPLTTEN + Vibrance
Credenz CZ 3737 LL3.7LL3/94/93/9PGPoncho Votivo + ILeVo
Credenz CZ 3841 LL3.8LL2/93/93/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVo
Credenz CZ 3945 LL3.9LL2/92/93/9WGPoncho Votivo + ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4044 LL4.0LL3/94/93/9WTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4105 LL4.1LL3/93/92/9WTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4222 LL4.2LL4/96/9PTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4540 LL4.5LL1/91/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4748 LL4.7LL1/95/91/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4818 LL4.8LL1/91/91/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5147 LL5.1LL1/91/93/9PTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5150 LL5.1LL1/95/91/9PGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5242 LL5.2LL1/95/93/9PGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz HBK LL49534.9LL1/96/91/9PGPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Croplan R2C4300S4.3RRR3, MR14MRRRP/WLT/TWarden CX
Croplan R2C47754.7RRR3, MR14RRRWLTWarden CX
Croplan RX4516S4.5R2XR3, MR14RRRWTWarden CX
Croplan RX48254.8R2XR3, MR14RRRPLTWarden CX
Croplan RX5136S5.1R2XRMSMSPLTWarden CX
Dyna-Gro S39XT083.9R2X3, 14MRMRMRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S41XS984.1R2X,STS3, 14MRRMSPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S43XS274.3R2X,STS3, 14MSMRMRWLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S45LL974.5LL3RMRMRWGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S45XS374.5R2X,STS3, 14RMRRWTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S46XS874.6R2X,STS3, 14RMRMRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S48XS784.8R2X,STS3, 14MSMSRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S48XT564.8R2X3, 14RRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49LL344.9LL3, 14MRMSRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49XS764.9R2X,STS3, 14RMRMSPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49XS884.9R2X,STS3, 14SMSRWLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S52LL665.2LL3RMSRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro SX17648XT4.8R2X3RMRWLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro SX17651XS5.1R2X,STSSRRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro SX17844XS4.4R2X,STS3, 14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Go Soy 47B174.7RR3,14RMSMRPLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
Go Soy 49L174.9LL3,14RRPGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
Go Soy 54G165.4RRMRMRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 39C153.9CONV3, 14MRWTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 43L164.3LL3, 14MRMRRPLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 4714LL4.7LL3,14RMSMRWLTCruiserMaxx VIB
GoSoy 49G164.9RR2,3,5,14RRRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 5115LL5.1LL3, 14RMRMRPGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy Ireane4.9CONV2,5RMRRWGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy Leland5CONV2,3,5,14MRRRWTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
Great Heart GT-4540XS4.5R2XR3, MR14R7RPLTGreat Start Max Plus
Great Heart GT-4809X4.8R2XR3RMRWLTGreat Start Max Plus
Great Heart GT-4817XS4.8R2XR3, MR14MS7RPLTGreat Start Max Plus
Hefty H43X84.3R2XR3, MR14R2.32.0PGDominance 2
Hefty H45X7S4.4R2X,STSR3, MR14R2.01.7PLTDominance 2
Hefty H46X64.5R2X,STSMR3, MR14R2.81.9PLTDominance 2
Hefty H47L54.8LLR3, MR14R9/108/10PLTDominance 2
Hefty H48X8S4.8R2X,STSR3, MR14MS2.31.0PLTDominance 2
Hefty H49X74.9R2XMR3, MR14MR2.41.0PLTDominance 2
Hefty H49X7S5.0R2X,STSR3, MR14R1.72.5PLTDominance 2
LG Seeds C4227RX4.2R2X,STSR3, MR14MRMRMSPTThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
LG Seeds C4458RX4.6R2X,STSR3, MR14MSMRRPLTThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
LG Seeds C4615RX4.7R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRMRPGThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
LG Seeds C4710RX4.8R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRRWTThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
LG Seeds C4845RX4.8R2XR3, MR14RRRPLTThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
LG Seeds C4922RX4.9RR,STSR3, MR14MSMRMRPLTThiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil, sedexane
MO S13-10590C4.3CONVRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S13-1805C4.8CONVSWTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S13-1955C5.5CONVRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S13-2743C4.1CONVRMSWGCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S13-3851C4.3CONVPLTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S14-15146R4.7RRRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S14-6391C4.7CONVRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S14-9017R5.5RRRRWLTCruiserMaxx Advanced
MO S14-9051R4.5RRWGCruiserMaxx Advanced
NK S39-P5X3.9R2X3,14RRRPTAvicta Complete + Mertect
NK S43-V3X4.3R2X3,14RRRPTAvicta Complete + Mertect
NK S45-K5X4.5R2X3,14RSRPTAvicta Complete + Mertect
NK S48-R2X4.8R2X3,14RRRPTAvicta Complete + Mertect
Petrus Seed 479 GTS4.7RR,STSMR3, R14RSWTInovate 4.74/cwt
Petrus Seed 4916 GT4.9RRMR – 1,2,3,5,14RMRRPTInovate 4.74/cwt
Pfister 39R2013.9RR2R3, MR14RSSWCruiser Soybean
Pfister 41RS024.1RR2R3, MR14Cruiser Soybean
Pfister 45R234.5RR2R3, MR14RSSPCruiser Soybean
Pfister 47R224.7RR2R3, MR14SSSPCruiser Soybean
Pfister 48RS014.8RR2R3, MR14RRSPCruiser Soybean
Progeny 4247LL4.2LLMRMRMRSEGLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4255RX4.2R2XR3, MR14SMR/MSMR/MSPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4444RXS4.4R2X,STSR3, MR14RMR/MSMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4516RXS4.5R2X,STSR3, MR14RMSMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4620RXS4.6R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRMRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4716LL4.7LLMR3, MR14MRMRRWLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4757RY4.7RR2R3, MR14RMRRWLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4799RXS4.7R2X,STSR3RMRRWLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4816RX4.8R2XR3RMRMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4851RX4.8R2XR3, MR14RMR/MSMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4929RXS4.9R2X,STSR3, MR14MSMR/MSRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4930LL4.9LLMR3MRMRRPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5016RXS5.0R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5157RXS5.1R2X,STSRMRPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5376RX5.3R2XR3, MR14MRMRRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5414LLS5.4LL,STSRMRRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5417RX5.4R2XR3MRMRMRWGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5623LL5.6LLR3, MR14SSRPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5688RX5.6R2XR1, R3SMR/MSRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 5752RY5.7RR2RMRRPTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Terral REV 45L574.5LL9/3, 9/14RSWApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho
Terral REV 47R344.7RR9/3, 7/14RRRPLTApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
Terral REV 4857X4.8R2X9/3, 9/14RRSWApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho
Terral REV 48A264.8RR9/3, 8/14RRRPLTApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
Terral REV 48A764.8RR8/3, 9/14RRRPLTApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
Terral REV 48L634.8LL8/3, 7/14RRRPGApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
Terral REV 4927X4.9R2X9/3, 6/14RRRPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho
Terral REV 49L884.9LLRSRPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho
Terral REV 49R944.9RR8/3, 5/14RRRPTApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
Terral REV 52A945.2RR,STS9/3, 9/14RRRWApron, Evergol Energy, Gaucho
TN Exp TN11-51405LMRWG
TN Exp TN12-5712R25LRR2PLT
TN Exp TN13-43035ECONVWG
TN Exp TN13-4508R24LRR2PLT
TN Exp TN14-50214LCONV2,3,5RWG
TN Exp TN14-5542R24LRR2PT
TN Exp TN15-40114LCONV2,3,5WT
TN Exp TN15-45464LRR22,3,5PLT
TN Exp TN15-50074LCONVWG
TN Exp TN16-5204LRRWG
TN Exp TN16-5215ERRWG
TN Exp TN16-5324LRRWG
TN Exp TN16-6455ERRWG
USDA JTN-51105.5CONV2, 3, 5RRRPTApron Maxx, Moly (5 oz/100 lb), Gaucho 600 (1.6 oz/100 lb)
USG 7478XTS4.7R2X,STSR3,MR14MSMRRPLTIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7487XTS4.8R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRMSPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7496XTS4.9R2X,STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7497XT4.9R2XRMRWGIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 74G98L4.9LLRRPGIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 74K95RS4.9RR2,STSR3, MR14MRMRRPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7547XT5.4R2XR3, MR14RMRMRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7568XT5.6R2XR1,R3SMRRWTIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 75B75R5.7RR2R3, MR14RRRPTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG Allen5.6RRMRMRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG Ellis4.9CONVRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
Warren Seed BG 3810 RR2X3.8R2X3,14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4210 RR2X4.2R2X3,14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4322 RR2X4.3R2X3,14WLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4510 RR2X4.5R2X3,14PLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4842 RR2X4.8R2X3,14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4911 RR2X4.8R2X3,14PLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed DS 38383.8RR23, 14PLTCruiserMaxx
Warren Seed DS 43404.3RR23, 14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed DS 46334.6RR23, 14PLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed DS 48504.8RR2,STS3, 14PGCruiser Maxx
  †  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26. ‡ R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible. Flower colors: P = purple, W = white, S = segregating, ‖ Pubescence colors:  T = tawny, LT = light tawny, B = brown, G = gray, S=segregating  

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