Table 4. 2020 “A Group” varieties

Table 4. Average yields of varieties that were in the “A group” (not statistically different from the highest performing variety) in AgResearch and Education Center (REC) trials, County Standard Tests (CST), or both trial programs in 2020. Varieties are sorted by maturity group (3, 4E, 5, 4L), herbicide pkg, then name.
   REC  CST  
VarietyMat. GroupHerbicide Pkg†REC Yield§Years in A GroupPercent of Locs. with above avg. yieldCST Yield§Years in A GroupPercent of Locs. with above avg. yield
Dyna-Gro S39EN19MG3E356.4229
Local Seed Co. LS3906GLMG3GT, LL57.4171
Local Seed Co. LS3976XMG3R2X57.425764.00
LG Seeds S3777RXMG3R2X65.9150
Asgrow AG39X7MG3R2X55.35767.8175
Asgrow AG39X0MG3R2X70.51100
Asgrow AG38X8MG3R2X56.915766.4125
Asgrow AG36X6MG3R2X52.31469.1150
AgriGold G3722RXMG3R2X57.415767.9375
AgriGold G3620RXMG3R2X56.3157
Credenz CZ 3930 GTLLMG3RR, LL59.3186
Stine 45EB20MG4EE362.6167
USG 7431ETMG4EE3, STS59.95065.0183
Dyna-Gro S45ES10MG4EE3, STS65.417565.5183
Croplan CP4150XSMG4ER2X64.417565.238
Armor 42D-27MG4ER2X67.0363
AgriGold G4190RXMG4ER2X66.02100
USG 7447XTSMG4ER2X, STS63.428871.1188
Progeny P4505RXSMG4ER2X, STS64.51100
Local Seed Co. LS4565XSMG4ER2X, STS67.32100
LG Seeds LGS4227RXMG4ER2X, STS64.918867.3275
Dyna-Gro S41XS98MG4ER2X, STS65.238868.2275
NK Seed S53F7XMG5R2X62.2163
Local Seed Co. LS5087XMG5R2X58.35063.3363
GoSoy 52X19SMG5R2X59.7238
Croplan CP5010XSMG5R2X63.6110059.9138
Asgrow AG53X9MG5R2X61.938861.3363
Asgrow AG53X0MG5R2X65.2210061.1263
Asgrow AG52X9MG5R2X63.438860.5250
AgriGold G5000RXMG5R2X61.1263
Progeny P5016RXSMG5R2X, STS60.6263
Local Seed Co. LS5009XSMG5R2X, STS61.8175
USG 7480ETMG4LE358.9167
USG 7471ETMG4LE360.5133
Stine 48EB20MG4LE360.4167
GoSoy 491E19SMG4LE358.7133
GoSoy 481E19MG4LE360.55060.8133
GoSoy 473E20MG4LE355.910
Dyna-Gro S49EN79MG4LE360.52563.2167
Progeny P4775E3SMG4LE3, STS66.4175
NK Seed S48-E3SMG4LE3, STS58.4133
NK Seed S46-E3SMG4LE3, STS57.310
Local Seed Co. ZS4694E3SMG4LE3, STS65.628861.3267
GoSoy 463E20SMG4LE3, STS65.017560.81100
USG 7489XTMG4LR2X63.23863.8260
USG 7480XTMG4LR2X57.71362.7150
USG 7470XTMG4LR2X66.4275
Progeny 4851RXMG4LR2X67.1163
NK Seed S49F5XMG4LR2X62.13862.4150
NK Seed S47-Y9XMG4LR2X62.6170
Local Seed Co. LS4999XMG4LR2X68.4210065.0280
Local Seed Co. LS4806XSMG4LR2X66.1180
LG Seeds 4899RXMG4LR2X62.9160
GoSoy GS47X19MG4LR2X63.1150
Dyna-Gro S49XT70MG4LR2X65.3175
Dyna-Gro S48XT56MG4LR2X65.2363
Dyna-Gro S48XS90MG4LR2X63.5180
Dyna-Gro S48XS56MG4LR2X62.9140
Croplan CP4811XSMG4LR2X68.5188
Asgrow AG49X9MG4LR2X66.018866.71100
Asgrow AG48X9MG4LR2X69.0110062.5260
Asgrow AG46X6MG4LR2X61.55062.0350
Asgrow AG46X0MG4LR2X64.926366.3170
Armor A48-D25MG4LR2X65.827558.910
Armor A46-D09MG4LR2X66.517558.740
AgriGold G4820RXMG4LR2X65.217563.8170
AgriGold G4620RXMG4LR2X67.517561.050
Progeny P4816RXMG4LR2X, STS66.6288
Progeny P4700RXSMG4LR2X, STS65.2175
Mission Seed A4828XMG4LR2X, STS66.6175
Mission Seed A4618XMG4LR2X, STS66.1163
Local Seed Co. LS4806XSMG4LR2X, STS66.2175
Local Seed Co. LS4795XSMG4LR2X, STS69.7288
Local Seed Co. LS4607XSMG4LR2X, STS66.1163
LG Seeds LGS4899RXMG4LR2X, STS69.61100
LG Seeds LGS4632RXMG4LR2X, STS67.6175
Dyna-Gro S49XS76MG4LR2X, STS68.53100
‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31. § All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture. Yields highlighted in light orange were above average in their respective test.  
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