Table 24. Two year across locations mean yields and agronomic characteristics of 39 Maturity Group IV Late (4.6-4.9) soybean varieties evaluated in four REC tests in Tennessee during 2016-2017.

Variety*Trait Package‡ Avg. Yield§
Avg. Yield Std Err.Moisture
Plant Height
AAsgrow AG47X6 RR2XR2X,STS71713.12.048128
AUSG 7496XTSR2X,STS67713.11.745132
ALG Seeds C4615RXR2X,STS67712.71.147129
ADyna-Gro S46XS87R2X,STS66712.11.548129
AProgeny 4799RXSR2X,STS66713.01.447129
ADyna-Gro S49XS76R2X,STS66713.01.945132
AUSG 7487XTSR2X,STS65712.81.549129
AProgeny 4620RXSR2X,STS65712.12.545129
ABeck’s Hybrids 494L4LL64712.61.841126
AGoSoy 4714LLLL64712.72.243126
AArmor 46-D08R2X64712.32.444129
ACredenz CZ 4748 LLLL63712.71.742128
ATerral REV 48A26RR63713.42.445129
APfister 47R22RR263713.01.747128
AWarren Seed DS 4850RR2,STS63712.91.348128
AAsgrow AG46X6 RR2XR2X63712.61.943131
ATerral REV 48L63LL63712.92.248130
AWarren Seed DS 4633RR262712.82.843128
APfister 48RS01RR262712.61.546129
AUSG 74K95RSRR2,STS62713.01.848129
ACaverndale Farms CF 478 RR2Y/STSnRR2,STS62712.81.446129
AProgeny 4757RYRR262712.92.444130
ATerral REV 47R34RR61712.62.145128
ATerral REV 49R94RR61712.42.344129
ALG Seeds C4845RXR2X61712.81.240131
AAsgrow AG46X7 RR2XR2X,STS61712.51.843128
ACredenz HBK LL4953LL61715.91.544131
AProgeny 4816RXR2X61713.11.240131
ATerral REV 48A76RR60712.52.444128
ADyna-Gro S49LL34LL60714.71.743131
ABeck’s Hybrids 4991X2R2X60713.11.240131
ADyna-Gro S48XT56R2X58713.31.139131
AProgeny 4930LLLL58717.01.943131
ACredenz CZ 4818 LLLL57713.12.147129
AUSG EllisCONV57713.21.533132
AGoSoy IreaneCONV56713.71.735132
AAGS GS48R216RR256713.03.339129
AGoSoy 49G16RR52712.93.042131
ATN Exp TN13-4508R2RR252713.72.244131
† Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different in yield at the 5% level of probability. * Varieties marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for two (**) or three (***) consecutive years within the previous three year evaluation period. ‡  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26. All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture. ‖  Lodging = 1 to 5 scale; where 1 = 95% of plants erect; 2.5 = ~50% of plants leaning at angle ≥ 45°; 5 = 95+% of plants leaning at an angle ≥ 45°. ¶ Maturity = days after planting (DAP). ††Protein & Oil on dry weight basis.  

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