Table 21. Overall average yields and moistures of 26 Maturity Group IV Late (4.6 – 4.9) soybean varieties evaluated in County Standard Tests (LL: n=6, RR: n=7) and REC Tests (n=7) in Tennessee during 2017.

  Avg. of CST and REC TestsCST TestsREC Tests
VarietyTrait Package‡ Avg. Yield§
Avg. Moisture
Avg. Moisture
Avg. Yield§
Avg. Moisture
Asgrow AG47X6 RR2XR2X,STS6912.86313.47512.1
USG 7496XTSR2X,STS6812.86413.27212.4
Dyna-Gro S48XT56R2X6812.86713.26912.5
Dyna-Gro S49XS76R2X,STS6812.96313.57212.3
Asgrow AG46X6 RR2XR2X6712.36513.06911.7
LG Seeds C4845RXR2X6612.56613.46711.5
Warren Seed BG 4842 RR2XR2X6612.76313.76911.7
Progeny 4620RXSR2X,STS6612.36313.16911.5
NK S48-R2XR2X6612.46513.16611.7
Armor 46-D08R2X6512.36213.06711.5
Asgrow AG46X7 RR2XR2X,STS6512.46313.26611.5
Beck’s Hybrids 4991X2R2X6412.96213.46712.3
Progeny 4757RYRR26412.66313.36511.9
AgriGold G4835RXR2X,STS6412.76213.46511.9
Warren Seed DS 4633RR26312.46213.16511.7
Terral REV 4927XR2X6312.26113.26611.2
Terral REV 4857XR2X6312.66313.26311.9
Warren Seed BG 4911 RR2XR2X6312.66213.36412.0
Credenz HBK LL4953LL6214.66013.36516.0
Beck’s Hybrids 494L4LL6112.05712.86611.3
Progeny 4930LLLL6115.26012.96317.6
Credenz CZ 4748 LLLL6012.35613.16411.6
USG 7497XTR2X6013.95714.06313.8
Dyna-Gro S49LL34LL5913.55212.96514.2
Credenz CZ 4818 LLLL5712.65413.25912.0
Terral REV 48L63LL5712.55113.16211.9
  ‡  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26. All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.  

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