Table 19. Yields of 24 Maturity Group IV Late (4.6-4.9) Roundup Ready soybean varieties in 10 County Standard Tests in Tennessee during 2017.

Variety* Avg. Yield§
ADyna-Gro S48XT5666.713.265467369826868597562
ABLG Seeds C4845RX65.813.459667463696959577468
ABCNK 48-R2X65.313.162657864617765536860
ABCAsgrow 46X664.713.063518754676964567265
ABCUSG 7496XTS63.813.257638058675462597563
ABCDyna-Gro S49XS7663.413.557677857636658557161
ABCDProgeny 4757RY63.213.357618051636560626962
ABCTerral REV 4857X63.113.265677557626461546263
ABCArmor 48-D2463.113.341567961598063587559
ABCDAsgrow 46X763.013.263647652586358587760
ABCDAsgrow 47X662.713.460616861696656557060
ABCDWarren Seed BG 484262.713.760646053696862616961
ABCDProgeny 4620RXS62.513.164607359626461566462
ABCDArmor 46-D0862.413.060666655636859606759
ABCDCroplan RX4836 S62.213.459547256646965595867
ABCDEGoSoy GS48R21662.213.269645956565365617169
ABCDEAgriGold G4835RX62.113.463655859656059597063
ABCDEWarren Seed BG 491161.713.366625453706554557364
ABCDEWarren Seed DS 463361.713.167606857556162596464
BCDEBeck’s 4991X261.613.442606956677260577162
CDEFTerral REV 4927X60.513.255566746676462636263
DEFBeck’s 487R458.013.257565647517062556461
EFUSG 7497XTS57.114.060615537615861616355
FGoSoy 49G1656.113.550536464455261536553
    ‡ Data Provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, Grain and Cotton Variety Testing, and Extension agents in counties shown above. † Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different in yield at the 5% level of probability. * Varieties marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for two (**) or three (***) consecutive years within the previous three year evaluation period. All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture. County Locations include:Coffee, Decatur, Dyer, Gibson, Giles, Haywood, Henry, Madison, Marion, McCracken KY.    

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