Table 15. 2021 MG-4E Roundup Ready Disease Tests

Table 15. Yields and disease ratings of 12 Maturity Group IV Early (4.0-4.5) Glyphosate / Dicamba tolerant soybean varieties in nine County Standard Tests and in small plot trials at two locations in Tennessee during 2021

Summary from County TestsSummary from Small Plot Research  
Avg.On-farm Location in Jackson (JAX)Research & Education Center at Milan (RECM)Soybean
YieldYield (bu/ac)FrogeyeTargetBrownYield (bu/ac)FrogeyeTargetBrownOther
MSVariety(bu/ac)*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotspotspot*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotspotspotDiseasesNematode
Local Seed 4299XS65.961.653.6LOWHIGHLOW66.963.4LOWLOWMOD
ALocal Seed 4565XS64.163.854.1NONELOWLOW68.566.4NONELOWMODS
ANK 42-T5XF63.759.454.1LOWMODLOW66.762.9LOWLOWMODR
ABDyna-Gro S43XS7061.759.252.8LOWMODLOW64.262.4LOWLOWMODR
ABArmor 45D-2061.360.452.0LOWNONELOW71.065.9LOWLOWMODSDSR
ABProgeny 4505 RXS60.858.056.0NONENONELOW71.066.9LOWNONEMODMS
ABAsgrow 45XF060.757.148.9NONENONELOW63.260.3NONENONEMODR
BDyna-Gro S41XS9859.059.250.6MODNONELOW71.166.7LOWLOWMODR
BArmor 42D-2758.858.253.4MODLOWLOW69.164.0LOWNONEMODR
BBeck’s 4119X258.456.348.0HIGHNONELOW67.462.3LOWLOWMODMR

Yield adjusted to 13% moisture

MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield (based on 95% confidence)

*Treated plots sprayed with Miravis Top @13.7 fl oz/a + 0.25% Induce @ R3 growth stage

JAX varieties planted May 24, sprayed Aug. 3, and harvested Oct. 19

RECM varieties planted May 25, sprayed Aug. 2, and harvested Nov. 4

NONE, LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. Other diseases noted: SDS = Sudden Death Syndrome

Soybean Cyst Nematode rateds as Resistant (R), Moderately Resistant (MR), Moderately Susceptible (MS), Susceptible (S), or High Susceptible (HS) to HG Type 2

Disease ratings at JAX: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 15%, averaged 4%; Target spot  from 0 – 16%, averaged 3%; Brown spot  from 5 – 13%, averaged 9%

Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 8%, averaged 3%; Target spot  from 0 – 8%, averaged 3%; Brown spot  from 12 – 27%, averaged 18%

Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly, Rachel Guyer, and Wesley Crowder from replicated plots at 2 locations

County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and County Extension agents

Soybean Cyst Nematode data provided by Dr. Lesley Schumacher, USDA Research Plant Pathologist

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