Table 13. Yields and disease ratings of 21 Maturity Group IV Early (4.0-4.5) Roundup Ready soybean varieties in 14 County Standard Tests and in small plot trials at one Research and Education Center and one on-farm location in Tennessee during 2017

Summary from 9 County TestsSummary from Small Plot Research      
Research and Education Center at Milan (RECM)On-farm Location in Jackson (JAX)
RECM – YLDFrogeye leaf spotTarget SpotOther DiseasesJAX – YLDFrogeye leaf spotTarget SpotOther Diseases
MSVarietyAvg. Yield (bu/ac)*TreatedNon-treatedRECM*TreatedNon-treatedRECM
ALG Seeds C4458RX63.445.145.4LOWLOWSC (HIGH)58.253.8LOWLOW
ADyna-Gro S43XS2763.342.339.8MODLOWSC (MOD)55.256.0HIGHLOW
ABBeck’s 437R463.259.955.3LOWLOW61.059.3LOWLOW
ABUSG 7447XTS63.244.143.8MODLOWSC (LOW)57.451.1MODLOWSC
ABCDyna-Gro S45XS3762.561.155.9LOWLOW
ABCDAgriGold G4440RX62.037.826.8LOWLOWSC (HIGH)
ABCDAsgrow 43X761.956.850.9LOWLOW56.155.7LOWMOD
ABCDCroplan RX4316S61.344.841.7MODLOWSC (MOD)
ABCDNK 45-K5X61.160.855.7LOWLOW57.252.6LOWLOWSDS
ABCDEWarren Seed BG 421060.847.139.8MODLOWSC (LOW)51.357.8HIGHLOWSC
ABCDEFAsgrow 44X660.654.454.7MODLOW49.455.6MODLOW
ABCDEFNK 43-V3X60.652.352.2LOWLOW53.356.1LOWLOW
ABCDEFCroplan RX4516S60.362.657.9LOWLOWSDS42.456.1LOWLOW
ABCDEFArmor 44-D4760.261.254.4LOWMODSC (LOW)55.156.0LOWHIGH
BCDEFAgriGold G4380RX59.756.953.5LOWMODSC (LOW)54.957.6LOWHIGHCLB
CDEFBeck’s 4453X259.447.544.6LOWLOWSC (LOW)55.954.9LOWLOW
DEFGProgeny 4255RXS58.832.725.5HIGHSC (HIGH)49.855.7HIGHLOWSC
DEFGGoSoy GS45R21658.756.454.5HIGHLOWSDS, SC (LOW)53.152.6HIGHLOWCLB
EFGWarren Seed DS 434057.531.029.4LOWMODSC (HIGH)43.246.1HIGHLOWSC, CLB
FGWarren Seed BG 451057.155.650.4LOWMODSC (LOW)52.053.1LOWMOD
GNK S41-A1SX55.354.049.3HIGHMOD51.152.3HIGHMOD
  YLD= Avg. Yield @ 13% moisture MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield at the 5% level of probability. Varieties denoted with an asterisks (*) or (**) etc. were in the top performing group for consecutive years. County Locations include:Carroll, Coffee, Dyer, Fulton KY, Gibson, Giles, Haywood,Henry, Lauderdale, Madison, McCracken, Perry, Smith ,Weakley. *Treated plots sprayed with Quadris TOP @ 8 oz./Acre + 1% Induce @ R3 growth stage. RECM varieties planted May 31 and JAX planted May 23 LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. Other diseases noted: SC=Stem Canker, CLB=Cercospora Leaf Blight, SDS=Sudden Death Syndrome;  ‘ – ‘ indicate variety was not tested at that location Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 24% with an average of 4%; Target spot ranged from 0 – 11% with an average of 2%; and Stem Canker ranged from 0 – 100% with an average of 28% Disease ratings at JAX: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 1 – 40% with an average of 12%; and Target spot ranged from 0 – 23% with an average of 6%. Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly from replicated plots at the Research and Education Center at Milan and on-farm location in Jackson. County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and the extension agents.  

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