Table 12. Overall average yields and moistures of 19 Maturity Group IV Early (4.0 – 4.5) soybean varieties evaluated in County Standard Tests (LL: n=6, RR: n=9) and REC Tests (n=7) in Tennessee during 2017.

  Avg. of CST and REC TestsCST TestsREC Tests
VarietyTrait Package‡ Avg. Yield§
Avg. Moisture
Avg. Moisture
Avg. Yield§
Avg. Moisture
AgriGold G4440RXR2X,STS6613.36213.26913.5
LG Seeds C4458RXR2X,STS6513.26313.16713.2
Dyna-Gro S43XS27R2X,STS6513.36313.16713.4
Warren Seed BG 4210 RR2XR2X6513.16113.06913.2
Dyna-Gro S45XS37R2X,STS6513.16313.16713.1
Asgrow AG43X7 RR2XR2X,STS6313.36213.26513.4
Armor 44-D47R2X6313.26013.46613.0
Croplan RX4516SR2X6313.46113.16413.6
NK S45-K5XR2X6313.46113.36413.5
Asgrow AG44X6 RR2XR2X6213.16113.16413.1
AgriGold G4380RXR2X,STS6213.16013.26413.1
Warren Seed BG 4510 RR2XR2X6213.15713.26613.0
NK S43-V3XR2X6113.56113.56213.6
Terral REV 45L57LL5913.45613.66213.1
Progeny 4247LLLL5913.45713.76113.1
GoSoy 43L16LL5913.65513.96213.2
Progeny 4255RXR2X5813.45913.55813.4
Warren Seed DS 4340RR25813.15813.25813.1
Dyna-Gro S45LL97LL5613.75713.85513.7
Credenz CZ 4105 LLLL5513.85314.65813.1


‡  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26.

All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.

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