Table CST7. Results from the second 2019 Haywood County Standard Trial planted May 7th.

Yield RankVarietyLint Yield (lb/ac)Turnout (%)MicLength (in.)Strength (g/tex)Unif.HVI ColorLeaf Grade
1CG 9608 B3XF177239.90%4.21.1829.283315
2DP 1725 B2XF166340.00%4.41.1732.383.3314
3NG 3729 B2XF163437.90%
4DG 3385 B2XF163035.50%4.51.1931.184.6314
5DP 1646 B2XF158037.90%4.11.2529.484.9315
6NG 4936 B3XF154536.30%4.31.2430.185.3314
7NG 3994 B3XF153240.20%4.81.183083.1415
8DG 3317 B3XF144037.90%4.41.1731.683.6314
9DP 1518 B2XF141837.10%4.21.1135.382.2314
10ST 5600 B2XF138236.70%4.41.1931.684.7314
11CG 9178 B3XF138038.80%4.31.1834.484.4314
12DG 3526 B2XF135237.90%4.61.1629.484.5314
13DP 1820 B3XF133437.90%4.21.2136.684.5313
14DP 1916 B3XF131039.40%

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