Table CST11. Results

Table CST11. Results from the 2021 Lake XtendFlex County Standard Trial planted May 14th and harvested Nov. 8th.

Yield RankVarietyLint Yield (lb/ac)Turnout (%)MicLength (in.)Strength (g/tex)Unif.(%)HVI ColorLeaf GradeLoan
1AR 9608 B3XF166843.94.21.2231.884.741649.3
2DP 2038 B3XF161643.
3ST 4990 B3XF153038.53.81.2230.884.641649.1
4DP 2020 B3XF152638.94.31.1930.784.541551.85
5ST 4993 B3XF151140.74.21.1731.983.841552.1
6DG 3535 B3XF150941.
7NG 5150 B3XF148640.34.11.2333.884.141552.2
8DG 3456 B3XF148241.23.71.2531.784.941552.15
9DP 2115 B3XF1472384.31.1829.584.841454.05
10NG 3195 B3XF145840.83.71.2331.783.941552.1
11AR 9371 B3XF134240.641.1933.683.641454.5
12DP 2012 B3XF130239.14.31.1231.482.241551.85
13NG 4190 B3XF129439.24.31.1828.582.841551.55
14DP 2127 B3XF128740.34.11.1832.783.441454.45
15ST 5091 B3XF120640.94.21.1532.384.341454.4
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