Table 6. Mean separation of dry weight yields, milk/ton, and milk/acre of 11 corn hybrids evaluated for silage at four REC locations in Tennessee during 2017.

Hybrid †Trait Package ‡Dry Weight Avg. Yield
±Std Err.MS 
Avg. Yield
±Std Err.MS 
Avg. Yield
±Std Err.MS 
Avg. Yield
Croplan 5900RR, VT2P9.01±0.47A3026±70B27307±0A
NK N83D-3111RR, LL, VIP31118.93±0.47AB3161±70AB28469±0A
Terral REV 28BHR18RR2, LL, YGCB, HX18.73±0.47AB3167±70AB27962±0A
Augusta 7768GT, LL, VIP31108.71±0.48ABC3128±70AB27575±0A
Masters Choice MCT6653RR, LL, 3000GT8.55±0.47ABCD3094±70B26574±0A
Croplan 5678RR, VT2P8.34±0.47ABCD3063±70B25646±0A
Terral REV 25BHR26RR2, LL, YGCB, HX18.31±0.47BCD3278±70A27541±0A
Masters Choice MCT6733RR, LL, 3000GT8.28±0.47BCD3127±70AB25953±0A
NK NK1573-3111ARR, LL, VIP31118.02±0.47CDE3183±70AB25694±0A
Terral REV 23BHR55RR2, LL, YGCB, HX17.96±0.47DE3261±70A26156±0A
Masters Choice MCT6363RR, LL, 3000GT7.34±0.48E3284±70A24010±0A


‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 13.

† Hybrids that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability.

  • based on University of Wisconsin Milk2006 software program.


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