Early-season yield and agronomic data across REC locations

Table 3-a. Mean yield and agronomic traits of 28 early-season (<114 DAP) corn hybrids evaluated in small plot replicated trials at eight AgResearch and Education Center locations in Tennessee during 2020. Analysis included hybrid performance over a 1 yr (2020), 2 yr (2019-2020), and 3 yr (2018-2020) period.

HybridHerbicide Pkg†Insect
Avg. Yield§
    Moisture at Harvest
    Plant Height
    Ear Height
1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr
Local Seed Co. LC1307 TCRRVT2PC20025233A16.9H-M105E-I40C-H0
AgriGold A6544 VT2RIB ***RRVT2PC16020223AB234A229A17.4D-H17.4D17.2A106D-H104CD106AB38H-L40CD43A000
Warren Seed DS 5018RR, LL YGCB, HX1C19030223AB224A-C15.7Q15.8H107C-G103C-E41A-D41B-D00
AgriGold A639-70 STXRIBRR, LLSSC20048222A-C17.0G-L99K36KL0
Dekalb DKC62-53 GENVT2P**RRVT2PC18018221A-D228A-C219B16.7K-O17.3DE17.3A102I-K100F102C38F-L40CD42A000
Croplan CP 5340RRVT2PC19020219B-E228AB17.5B-F18.0B104F-I101EF39D-J40CD00
Croplan CP 5073RRVT2PC20012218B-E17.2F-J108B-F43A0
Armor A1299RRVT2PC19010217B-F224A-C16.9I-M16.8FG113A107AB42A-C41A-C00
Local Seed Co. LC1398 VT2PRRVT2PC20026213B-G17.7B-E107B-F43AB0
AgriGold A642-47 STXRR, LLSSC20049213B-G17.8A-D100K36L0
Mission Seed A1257 VT2PRR2VT2PC20011213B-G17.1F-K108B-E41A-F0
Progeny EXP1912RRVT2PC19015212B-H221B-D16.6K-O16.7FG112A107AB41A-E41A-D00
Warren Seed DS 5210RR, LLYGCB, HX1C20032210B-H16.9H-L109A-D36KL0
Local Seed Co. LC1289 VT2PRRVT2PC18045209C-I218C-E207C17.3D-I17.5CD17.2AB106D-I102C-F104BC40C-I40CD42A000
Progeny EXP2013RRVT2PC20017208D-I18.3A106D-H41A-F0
Progeny PGY 2012 VT2PRRVT2PC20016207E-I17.3E-I107B-F39E-K0
Progeny EXP2010RRTREC20015207E-I16.0PQ107D-H40D-I0
Spectrum 6228NoneNoneC20052206E-J16.6K-O106D-H38G-L0
Dyna-Gro D53VC33RRVT2PC20023206E-J16.6L-O110A-C41A-E0
Armor A1029RRVT2PC20042204F-K16.3N-P100K37J-L0
Warren Seed DS 5371RR, LLYGCB, HX1C20033202G-L17.5C-G107D-H37I-L0
Caverndale Farms CF 794 VIP 3111 GT, LLA4C19025198H-L206FG18.0A-C18.5A111AB110A40B-H42AB00
Dekalb DKC60-80 RIB GENVT2PRRVT2PC20037197I-L16.9I-M99K37J-L0
Progeny EXP1913RRVT2PC19016197I-L211D-F18.0AB17.9BC103H-J100F43A43A00
Caverndale Farms CF 753 GTCBLLGT, LLCBC18057193J-M199G193D16.8J-N17.0EF16.9B103G-J102D-F104BC37I-L39D42A000
LG Seeds LG62C35 VT2ProRRVT2P C19027192K-M203FG16.9I-L16.8FG104F-I100EF41A-G41A-D00
Dyna-Gro D50VC30RRVT2PC18034189LM209E-G206C16.4M-P16.4G16.4C107D-H105BC107A40B-H41A-C44A000
Progeny PGY 2008 VT2PRRVT2PC20014182M16.3OP100JK36KL0
Standard Error1319150.80.70.6432223000
Number of locs.888888543543777
Plots per entry (reps x locs. x years)244872244872152427152427151515


† Hybrids that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability.

* Hybrids marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group across locations for two (**) or three (***) years within the previous three year evaluation period.

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 17.

§ All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.

¶ Lodging values do not typically follow a normal distribution, therefore statistical tests to compute LSD were not performed and only mean values are reported.

Values highlighted in light orange are above average for a given trait, MS letters highlighted in dark orange are in the “A group”, indicating no statistical difference from the top-performing variety, for a given trait.

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