Table A-36. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2021, as provided by the seed company.

Table A-36. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2021, as provided by the seed company.

VarietyRel. Mat.Herb. Tol.†SCN‡Stem Canker‡SDS‡Frogeye‡Flower Color§Pub. Color‖Seed Treatment
AgriGold G4100XF4.1XFPI 88.788RRAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4615XF4.6XFPI 88.788RSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4813XF4.8XFPI 88.788SSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4820RX*4.8R2XR PI88.788RSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4900XF4.9XFPI 88.788RSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G5000RX5.0R2X, STSR3, MR14RSSPTAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G5288RX5.2R2X, STSR3, MR14RSRPTAgrishield Max + Saltro
AR R13-139975.4Conv.Seed Shield Max Beans 
AR R15-15875.1Conv.Seed Shield Max Beans 
AR R15-24224.7Conv.Seed Shield Max Beans 
AR R16-2534.6Conv.Seed Shield Max Beans 
AR UA46i20C4.6Conv.Seed Shield Max Beans 
AR UA54i19GT5.4RRSeed Shield Max Beans 
Armor A39-F733.9XFPI88.788MRWarden CX
Armor A45-D204.5R2XPI88.788MRMRWarden CX
Armor A46-F134.6XFPI88.788MRWarden CX
Armor A48-F224.8XFPI88.788MSWarden CX
Asgrow AG36XF13.6XFR3MRMSAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG37XF13.7XFR3MSMRAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG38XF13.8XFR3MRMSAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG42XF14.2XF, STSR3MRMRAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG45XF04.5XF, STSR3MSMRAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG47XF04.7XF, STSR3MSMRAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG48XF04.8XF, STSR3MRMSAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG52XF05.2XF, STSR3MRMRAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Asgrow AG54XF05.4XF, STSR3MRMSAcceleron/Votivo/Ilevo
Credenz CZ 4202 XF4.2XFSSSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4562 XF4.5XFSSSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4742 XF4.7XFSSSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4892 XF4.8XFMR3SSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4912 XF4.9XFSSSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5282XF5.2XFSSSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Dyna-Gro S41EN724.1E3R3, MR14MRMREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S41XS98****4.1R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRMSPGEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S43EN614.3E3R3, MR14MRREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S43XF514.3XFMR3MRMREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S43XS704.3R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S45ES10*4.5E3, STSR3, MR14MSREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S46ES914.6E3, STSR3, MR14MRMREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S46XF31S4.6XF, STSR3, MR14MRMSEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S46XS604.6R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S48XF61S4.8XF, STSR3, MR14MSSEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S48XT904.8R2XSMSREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S49EN124.9E3R3, MR14MRMREquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S49XT70*4.9R2XR3, MR14RMRRWLTEquity VIP Saltro
Dyna-Gro S52XT915.2R2XMR3MRMREquity VIP Saltro
Innvictis A4251XF4.2XFnone
Innvictis A4371XF4.3XFnone
Innvictis A4411XF4.4XFnone
Innvictis A4571XF4.5XFnone
Innvictis A4791XF4.7XFnone
Innvictis A4831XF4.8XFnone
Innvictis A4991XF4.9XFnone
Innvictis B4681E4.6E3none
Innvictis B4841E4.8E3none
Local Seed Co. LS3908XFS3.9XF, STSMR3ARadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4299XS4.2R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4415XF4.4XFR3, MR14VGVGRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4517XFS4.5XF, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4606XFS4.6XF, STSR3, MR14VGRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4707XF4.7XFMR3VGRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4795XS**4.7R2X, STSR3, MR14RRMRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4805XFS4.8XF, STSR3, MR14ARadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4806XS4.8R2X, STSR3, MR14EXVGRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4919XFS4.9XF, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS5009XS*5.0R2X, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS5119XF5.1XFRadius Premium
MO S09-13608C4.7Conv.S – 2,3,5WGWarden CX
MO S16-12137C4.6Conv.S – 1,2,3,5Warden CX
MO S16-14801C5.0Conv.S – 1 MR – 2,5Warden CX
MO S16-7922C4.9Conv.S – 1,2,5 MFTFTWarden CX
MO S16-9478C5.1Conv.R – 1,3,5Warden CX
MO S17-2193C4.7Conv.S – 1,2,3,5Warden CX
NK Seed NK39-A1XF3.9XFMR3, MR14RRCruisermaxx, Vibrance, Salgtro
NK Seed NK43-V8XF4.3XFMR3, MR14RRCruisermaxx, Vibrance, Salgtro
NK Seed NK44-J4XFS4.4XF, STSMR3, MR14RRCruisermaxx, Vibrance, Salgtro
Progeny P4431E34.4E3Poncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4501XFS4.5XF, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4505RXS*4.5R2X, STSMR3MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4521XFS4.5XF, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4541E34.5E3Poncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4604XFS4.6XF, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4806XFS4.8XF, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4816RX4.8R2XR3MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4821RX4.8R2XR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4851RX*4.8R2XR3, MR14MR/MSMRPLTPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4921XFS4.8XF, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4931E3S4.9E3, STSPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4970RX4.9R2XSMRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5003XF5.0XFPoncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5016RXS*5.0R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5121E35.1E3Poncho Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5252RX5.2R2XSMRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
TN Exp TN18-41104.9Conv.noneunknownunknownWarden RTA
USG 7392XFS3.9XF, STSR3,MS14MRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7431ET4.3E3R3, MR14MRRIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7441XF4.4XFR3,MR14MRMRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7461XFS4.6XF, STSR3,MR14MRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7461XTS4.6R2X, STSR3,MR14MRRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7472XFS4.7XF, STSR3,MR14MRRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7481XF4.8XFR3,MR14MRMRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7482XFS4.8XF, STSR3,MR14MRMRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7489XT4.8R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7490GT4.9RRMRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7491XFS4.9XF, STSR3,MR14MSIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7496XTS4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7562XF5.6XFMR3MRIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG Ellis4.9Conv.RWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
Xitavo XO 4371E4.3E3R3, MR14MRMRPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Xitavo XO 4681E4.6E3R3, MR14MRSPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO

†  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31.

‡ R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible.

§ Flower colors: P = purple, W = white, S = segregating,

‖ Pubescence colors:  T = tawny, LT = light tawny, B = brown, G = gray, S=segregating

* Asterisks after a name indicate the number of preceding consecutive years in the top-performing “A” group. 

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