Table 4. 2019 “A Group” varieties

Table 4. Average yields of varieties that were in the “A group” (not statistically different from the highest performing variety) in REC, CST, or both tests in 2019. Varieties are sorted by maturity group, herbicide pkg, then name.

VarietyHerbicide Pkg†Herbicide Pkg†Mat. GroupREC YieldCST YieldAvg. Yield
Dyna-Gro S39EN19Enlist E3Enlist E336262
AgriGold G3722RXR2XR2X36767
Asgrow 37X9R2XR2X371.572
Croplan 3950R2XR2X369.269
Local Seed Co. LS3976XR2XR2X3647067
NK S39-G2XR2XR2X367.868
Credenz 3929GTLLGT/LLGT/LL4E62.262
Credenz 4539GTLLGT/LLGT/LL4E57.558
Credenz CZ 4222 LLLLLL4E6060
GoSoy 393E19LLLL4E63.463
GoSoy 423E19LLLL4E65.265
GoSoy 44GL18LLLL4E59.960
Local Seed ZS4596GLSLLLL4E59.159
Stine 41EA12LLLL4E6464
Warren Seed 4420LLLL4E6161
AgriGold G4190RXR2XR2X,STS4E6363
AgriGold G4579RXR2XR2X,STS4E615960
Armor 42-D27R2XR2X4E635961
Armor 44D-92R2XR2X4E56.456
Asgrow 43X8R2XR2X4E57.357
Asgrow 45X8R2XR2X4E59.159
Croplan 4117R2XR2X4E57.758
Croplan RX4516SR2XR2X4E6262
Dyna-Gro S41XS98R2XR2X/STS4E616161
Dyna-Gro S43XS27R2XR2X4E57.758
Dyna-Gro S45XS37R2XR2X,STS4E615960
LG Seeds LGS4227RXR2XR2X4E626061
Local Seed Co. LS4299XSR2XR2X4E605759
Local Seed Co. LS4487XSR2XR2X4E6060
Local Seed Co. LS4565XSR2XR2X4E6060
NK Seeds S44-C7XR2XR2X4E605959
Progeny 4255RXR2XR2X4E58.759
Progeny 4444RXSR2XR2X4E57.758
Terral REV 4310XR2XR2X4E615759
Warren Seed BG 4210 RR2XR2XR2X4E625960
Warren Seed BG 4510 RR2XR2XR2X4E6363
Local Seed Co. ZS4694E3SEnlist E3Enlist E34L6465.865
Credenz 4918 LLLLLL4L62.262
Credenz CZ 4820 LLLLLL4L6262.662
GoSoy 462E18LLLL4L60.460
Stine 49LH02LLLL4L62.162
AgriGold G4995RXR2XR2X4L62.663
Armor X48D25R2XR2X4L616261
Asgrow 46X6R2XR2X4L60.360
Asgrow 48X9R2XR2X4L61.461
Asgrow AG46X0R2XR2X4L6262
Credenz 4979 XR2XR2X4L60.460
Croplan 4810R2XR2X4L59.359
Dyna-Gro S46XS60R2XR2X/STS4L6161
Dyna-Gro S48XT56R2XR2X4L606462
Dyna-Gro S49XS76R2XR2X/STS4L626161
LG Seeds C4845RXR2XR2X4L616463
Local Seed 4798XR2XR2X4L59.459
Local Seed Co. LS4999XR2XR2X4L626262
Local Seed Co. LS4677XR2XR2X4L6161
Progeny 4816RXSR2XR2X4L59.760
Progeny P4821RXR2XR2X4L6161
Progeny P4999RXR2XR2X,STS4L6060
Terral REV 4679XR2XR2X4L6060
Terral REV 4927XR2XR2X4L616061
USG 7470XTR2XR2X4L6060
USG 7489XTR2XR2X,STS4L616262
USG 7496XTSR2XR2X,STS4L646162
Warren Seed BG 4710 RR2XR2XR2X4L616061
Warren Seed BG4922RR2XR2XR2X4L62.563
AgriGold G5000RXR2XR2X,STS5E596160
Asgrow 55X0R2XR2X5E56.657
Asgrow 55X7R2XR2X5E56.857
Asgrow AG52X9R2XR2X5E585958
Asgrow AG53X0R2XR2X5E596462
Asgrow AG53X9R2XR2X5E616262
GoSoy 52X19R2XR2X5E55.556
Local Seed Co. LS5386XR2XR2X5E596261
Local Seed Co. LS5087XR2XR2X5E586059
Progeny P5170RXR2XR2X5E5858

Virginia Sykes
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