Table 30. Yields of 10 Maturity Group V Early (5.0-5.5) Roundup Ready soybean varieties in five County Standard Tests in Tennessee during 2017.

Variety* Avg. Yield§
AAsgrow 55X765.512.28156438068
ABAgriGold G5000RX62.512.57355575968
ABCProgeny 5016RXS61.012.47557426565
ABCArmor 53-D0460.312.66656456768
ABCDAsgrow 54X658.012.57050446561
BCDAsgrow 53X655.912.58241375961
CDGoSoy 54G1654.912.05953445959
DCroplan RX5136 S52.712.54948466060
DProgeny 5157RXS52.212.46041426157
DNK 52-Y7X52.212.66141466054
  ‡ Data Provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, Grain and Cotton Variety Testing, and Extension agents in counties shown above. † Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different in yield at the 5% level of probability. * Varieties marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for two (**) or three (***) consecutive years within the previous three year evaluation period. All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture. County Locations include: Dyer, Gibson, Hamblen, Haywood, Madison  

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