Table 28. 2021 MG-5E Roundup Ready Disease Tests

Table 28. Yields and disease ratings of eight Maturity Group V Glyphosate tolerant soybean varieties in eight County Standard Tests and nine varieties in small plot trials at two locations in Tennessee during 2021

Summary from County TestsSummary from Small Plot Research
Avg.On-farm Location in Jackson (JAX)Research & Education Center at Milan (RECM)Other DiseasesSoybean Cyst Nematode
YieldYield (bu/ac)FrogeyeTargetBrownYield (bu/ac)FrogeyeTargetBrown
MSVariety(bu/ac)*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotspotspot*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotspotspot
ALocal Seed 5087X59.067.656.7MODLOWMOD54.655.8LOWNONEMODLMS
ABDynaGro S52XT9157.762.551.9MODLOWMOD59.054.2LOWNONEMODSDSR
ABLocal Seed 5009XS57.562.745.9HIGHNONEMOD52.150.1LOWNONEMODLS
ABAsgrow 54XF055.264.753.7HIGHLOWMOD53.355.6LOWNONEMODR
ABProgeny 5003XF55.056.840.9HIGHLOWMOD53.850.1LOWNONEMODLS
BBeck’s 5005XF53.656.142.4HIGHNONEMOD48.345.5LOWNONEMODSDSR
BAsgrow 52XF053.456.843.3HIGHNONEMOD57.152.0LOWNONEMODR
BAgriGold G5000RX52.959.552.9MODLOWMOD52.351.1LOWNONEMODR

Yield adjusted to 13% moisture

MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield (based on 95% confidence)

*Treated plots sprayed with Miravis Top @13.7 fl oz/a + 0.25% Induce @ R3 growth stage

JAX varieties planted May 24, sprayed Aug. 3, and harvested Oct. 19

RECM varieties planted May 25, sprayed Aug. 2, and harvested Nov. 4

NONE, LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. Other noteS: SDS = Sudden Death Syndrome, L = Lodging

Soybean Cyst Nematode rateds as Resistant (R), Moderately Resistant (MR), Moderately Susceptible (MS), Susceptible (S), or High Susceptible (HS) to HG Type 2

Disease ratings at JAX: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 7 – 55%, averaged 27%; Target spot  from 0 – 6%, averaged 2%; Brown spot  from 9 – 29%, averaged 16%

Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 5 – 13%, averaged 8%; Target spot was not observed; Brown spot  from 12 – 21%, averaged 17%

Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly, Rachel Guyer, and Wesley Crowder from replicated plots at 2 locations

County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and County Extension agents

Soybean Cyst Nematode data provided by Dr. Lesley Schumacher, USDA Research Plant Pathologist

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