Table 16. 2019 MG-4E Liberty Link Disease Tests

Table 16. Yields and disease ratings of 9 Maturity Group IV Early (4.0-4.5) Liberty Link soybean varieties in 5 County Standard Tests and in small plot trials at one Research and Education Center and one on-farm location in Tennessee during 2019.

Summary from County TestsSummary from Small Plot Research
Research & Education Center at Milan (RECM)On-farm Location in Jackson (JAX)
MSVarietyAvg. Yield (bu/ac)*TreatedNon-treatedFrogeye leaf spotTarget Spot*TreatedNon-treatedFrogeye leaf spotTarget SpotOther Diseases
AGoSoy 423E1965.243.937.5LOWLOW47.850.6LOWLOWSDS
AStine 41EA1264.041.236.8LOWLOW48.144.4LOWLOWSDS
AGoSoy 393E1963.443.940.5LOWLOW53.652.2LOWLOW
ABCredenz 3929GTLL62.239.431.8LOWLOW48.545.3LOWLOW
ABWarren Seed 442061.050.346.4LOWLOWSDS
ABGoSoy 44GL1859.940.734.9LOWLOW49.946.7HIGHLOWSDS
ABLocal Seed ZS4596GLS59.140.429.6LOWLOW44.546.6LOWLOWSDS
ABCredenz 4539GTLL57.546.938.9LOWLOW48.345.4LOWMOD
BCredenz 3519GTLL54.232.327.3LOWLOW52.447.3MODLOW

YLD= Avg. Yield @ 13% moisture

MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield at the 5% level of probability.

Varieties denoted with an asterisks (**) or (***) etc. were in the top performing group for consecutive years.  


*Treated plots sprayed with Quadris TOP SBX @ 7 oz./Acre + 0.25% Induce @ R3 growth stage.

RECM varieties planted May 28, sprayed Aug 19, and harvested Oct 9.

JAX varieties planted May 21, sprayed July 31, and harvested Sept 24.


LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. Other diseases noted: SDS=Sudden Death Syndrome;  ‘ – ‘ indicate variety was not tested at that location  


Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 2% with an average of 0.6% and Target spot ranged from 0 – 0.5% with an average of 0.1%.  

Disease ratings at JAX: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 16% with an average of 3% and Target spot ranged from 0 – 1% with an average of 0.1%. 


Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly from replicated plots at the Research and Education Center at Milan and on-farm location in Jackson.

County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and the extension agents.

Virginia Sykes
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