Table 2-b. Across Locations Yield and Feed Quality Characteristics

Table 2-b. Across location mean dry weight yield and feed quality characteristics of eight corn hybrids evaluated for silage in small plot replicated trials at four REC locations in Tennessee during 2021. Analysis included hybrid performance across a 1 yr (2021), 2 yr (2020-2021) and 3 yr (2019-2021) period.

HybridHerb. Pkg.†Insect Pkg.†Avg. Yield Dry Weight
Crude Protein¶
(% dm)
Neutral Detergent Fiber¶
(% dm)
30 hr In Vitro Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility¶ (% of NDF)
1 yr‡2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr
Croplan CP5900SRRVT2P8A7.5A7.8A8.1A7.7A7.6A44.7A46.7A47A56.9AB53.4A53.7A
Croplan CP5700SRRVT2P7.7A7.1A7.5A7.9A7.5A7.5A45.3A46.6A46.4A56.9AB53.5A53.6A
Dyna-Gro D55VC80RRV2TP7.6A7.5A8.1A7.8A45.9A46.6A56.6A-C53.6A
DeKalb DKC 70-64 RIBRRVT2P7.7A7.3A7.8A7.5A45.3A48A54.5D51.4B
DeKalb DKC64-64 RIBRRVT2P7.3A8A43.7AB57.1AB
DeKalb DKC67-66 RIBRRVT2P7.6A7.5A45.7A54.8CD
DeKalb DKC61-80 RIBRRVT2P7.5A7.9A45.4A55.4B-D
Croplan CP5370RRVT2P7.5A8A41.5B57.9A
Standard Error1.
Plots per entry (reps x locs.)122436122436122436122436

HybridHerb. Pkg.†Insect Pkg.†Starch¶
(% dm)
Acid Detergent Fiber¶
(% dm)
Total Digestable Nutrients¶
(% dm)
Net Energy for Lactation¶
1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr
Croplan CP5900SRRVT2P22C23BC23.1A23.6A24.8A25.3A73.2BC70.9B69.4A0.68B0.67B0.67A
Croplan CP5700SRRVT2P22.1C23.7B23.9A24A24.6A24.8A73BC71.2AB69.7A0.68B0.68AB0.67A
Dyna-Gro D55VC80RRV2TP23.6BC25.6A23.4A24.1A73.7AB72.2A0.69AB0.69A
DeKalb DKC 70-64 RIBRRVT2P21.6C21.5C23.3A25.2A72.1C68.9C0.67B0.66C
DeKalb DKC64-64 RIBRRVT2P25.3AB22.5AB73.4B0.68B
DeKalb DKC67-66 RIBRRVT2P22.7BC24.3A72.1C0.67B
DeKalb DKC61-80 RIBRRVT2P24.1BC23.8A72.7BC0.68B
Croplan CP5370RRVT2P27.8A21.3B74.6A0.69A
Standard Error3.
Plots per entry (reps x locs.)122436122436122436122436

* Hybrids marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for yield across locations within two (**) or three (***) consecutive years of the previous three-year evaluation period.
† For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 10.
‡ Hybrids that have any MS letter in common, within a column, are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability using a least significant difference (LSD) mean separation test.
¶ Nutritive content values were calculated on a 100% dry matter (DM) basis.

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