Table 5. Two year across locations mean yields and agronomic characteristics of 14 early-season (<114 DAP) corn hybrids evaluated in four REC tests in Tennessee during 2016-2017 (n=8).

HybridTrait Package‡ Avg. Yield§
Avg. Yield Std Err.Moisture at Harvest
Test Weight (lbs/bu)Plant Height
Ear Height
AAgriGold A6544VT2RIBRR,VT2P2161819.255.2111458.64.273.9
ANK Seeds N66V-3220-EZ1GT,LL,CB,VIP2101818.654.3116469.44.273.4
ACroplan 5290DGRR,VT2P2051819.456.2107459.54.672.6
AWarren Seed DS 9513 SSXRR,LL,PC, SSX2021821.854.6107439.54.672.8
ATerral REV 23BHR55RR2,LL,YGCB,HX12001819.254.5113438.54.173.8
ACroplan 6640RR,VT3P2001818.958.4102419.24.573.2
AAugusta 5062GT,LL,VIP31101971819.358.8114439.24.074.3
AWarren Seed DS 9610RR,3000GT1961818.556.9105449.64.673.0
ACaverndale Farms 793 VIP 3110RR,LL,VIP31101961819.757.6113438.84.074.4
AWyffels W7696RIBRR,VT2P1951819.354.7111449.14.273.5
AWarren Seed DS 9412 SSXRR,LL,SSX1931819.351.2107439.54.572.8
ABeck’s Hybrids 6365AMRR,LL,AM1921819.356.1113448.74.273.3
AAgriGold A6499STXRIBRR,SSX1901819.755.9100419.04.873.0
AProgeny PGY6110VT2PRR,VT2P1801818.456.0105419.24.373.0
 ‡  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26.All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.‖ Protein, Oil, and Starch on a dry weight basis 

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