Table 3. Summary of “A group” hybrids within REC and CST tests

Table 3. Average yields of hybrids that were in the “A group” (not statistically different from the highest performing variety) in AgResearch and Education Center (REC) tests, County Standard Tests (CST), or both trial programs in 2021. Varieties are listed alphabetically by maturity group.

  REC  CST  
HybridRelative MaturityREC
Consecutive Years in A Group‡Locs. with above avg. yieldCST
Consecutive Years in A Group‡Locs. with above avg. yield
AgriGold A642-59 VT2RIBEarly21963%207225%
AgriGold A6544 VT2RIBEarly22050%217583%
Beck’s 6274 VT2PEarly210258%
Beck’s 6374 VT2PEarly207250%
Croplan CP 4930Early224175%
Croplan CP 5370Early2311100%
Dekalb DKC63-57 RIB GENVT2PEarly21663%208367%
LG Seeds LG5643 VT2ProEarly224688%
Local Seed Co. LC1307 TCEarly233275%207150%
Local Seed Co. LC1398 VT2PEarly21938%217275%
Progeny PGY 2012 VT2PEarly21338%208283%
Warren Seed DS 4878Early228175%213158%
Warren Seed DS 5018Early232288%213258%
Warren Seed DS 5250Early229188%216175%
Warren Seed DS 5323Early22050%
AgriGold A645-16 VT2RIBMed221363%225175%
AgriGold A6572 VT2RIBMed218675%221455%
Croplan CP 5497Med225188%220150%
Croplan CP 5550Med219263%224175%
Croplan CP 5678Med216163%
Dekalb DKC65-95 RIB GENVT2PRIBMed218275%223170%
Dekalb DKC65-99 RIB TRECEPTA RIBMed216250%224265%
Dekalb DKC66-18 RIB GENVT2PRIBMed21338%221260%
Dyna-Gro D54VC14Med223160%
Dyna-Gro D54VC34Med217263%
Dyna-Gro D55VC80Med21450%227280%
LG Seeds LG66C44 VT2ProMed216250%220145%
Local Seed Co. LC1577 VT2PMed222175%220110%
Local Seed Co. LC1616 TCMed214150%
Local Seed Co. LC1407 VT2PMed218263%20915%
Local Seed Co. LC1497 DGVT2PMed216250%21635%
Progeny PGY 8116 SSMed219163%21745%
Progeny PGY 8116 VT2PMed221175%
Progeny PGY 9114 VT2PMed216175%226180%
Progeny PGY EXP115 TREMed216163%
Warren Seed DS 5510Med218263%21745%
Dekalb DKC67-44 RIB GENVT2PRIBFull226671%211680%
Dekalb DKC67-94 RIB TRECEPTAFull232186%219190%
Dekalb DKC68-69 RIB GENVT2PRIBFull232471%19970%
Dekalb DKC69-99 RIB TRECEPTAFull227143%
Dyna-Gro D57TC29Full2351100%
Local Seed Co. LC1707 VT2PFull226257%20460%
Progeny 2118Full21029%208190%
Progeny PGY 9117 VT2PFull230457%20270%


  • All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture. Yield values highlighted in light orange are above average for a given trait. Values that are not highlighted were below average for a given trait. Values highlighted in dark orange are in the “A group”, indicating no statistical difference from the top-performing hybrid, for a given trait.

‡ Values highlighted

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