Table 25. Characteristics, as described by the seed company, of corn hybrids evaluated in yield tests in Tennessee during 2017.

HybridGrain ColorMaturityHerbicide Tolerance§Insect Tolerance§RefugeReleased or ExperimentalSeed Treatment
Wyffels W8918RIBY116RR,LLSSXYRPoncho 500, Votivo
AgriGold A640-77VT2PROY110RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A642-59STXY112RRSSXNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A643-87GT3Y113RR3000GTNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A645-10VT2RIBY115RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A647-90VT2PROY117RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6499STXRIBY112RRSSXYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6544VT2RIBY113RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6572VT2RIBY114RRVT2PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6659VT3RIBY116RRVT3PYRPoncho 500 + Votivo
AgriGold A6711VT2PROY118RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Armor 1340Y113RRVT2PNRA500/Votivo
Armor 1717Y117RRVT2PNRA500/Votivo
Armor 1227PY112RRVT2PNRA500/Votivo
Armor 1447PY114RRVT2PNRA500/Votivo
Armor 1667SY115RRSSXNRA500/Votivo
Armor AXT7116Y116RRVT2PNRA500/Votivo
Augusta 1165Y115RRVT2PNRCruiser Maxx 250
Augusta 1166Y116RRVT2PYRCruiser Maxx 250
Augusta 5062Y112GT,LLVIP3110NRCruiser Maxx 250
Augusta 5065Y115GT,LLVIP3110NECruiser Maxx 250
Augusta 6664Y114RRVT2PNRCruiser Maxx 250
Augusta 7768Y118GT,LLVIP3110NRCruiser Maxx 250
Beck’s Hybrids 6365AMY113RR,LLAMYREscalate
Beck’s Hybrids 6589V2PY115RRVT2PYREscalate
Beck’s Hyrbids 6368V2PY113RRVT2PYREscalate
Beck’s Hyrbids 6774V2PY117RRVT2PYREscalate
Beck’s Hyrbids 6886VRY118RR,LLVIP3110NREscalate
Caverndale Farms 793 VIP 3110Y109RR,LLVIP3110NRCruiser 250 + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 888 3000GTY117RR,LL3000GTNRCruiser 250 + Vibrance
Croplan 5678Y116RRVT2PYRAcceleron
Croplan 6640Y113RRVT3PYRAcceleron
Croplan 5290DGY112RRVT2PYRAcceleron
Dekalb DKC60-88 VT2PRIBY110RRVT2PYRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC62-20 VT2PRIBY112RRVT2PYRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC62-52 STX RIBY112RR,LLSSXYRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC64-35 VT2PY114RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC65-95 VT2PY115RRVT2PNRAcceleron A1250P/V
Dekalb DKC67-14 VT2PY117RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC67-44 VT2PY117RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC67-72 VT2PY117RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC68-26 VT2PY118RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dekalb DKC70-27 VT2PY120RRVT2PNRAcceleron A500P/V EDC
Dyna-Gro CX17212Y112RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Acceleron
Dyna-Gro D55VC45Y115RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Acceleron
Dyna-Gro D58VC37Y118RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Acceleron
Dyna-Gro D58VC65Y118RRVT2PNRPoncho 500, Acceleron
LG Seeds LG5555VT2RIBY110RRVT2PYRclothianidin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5590VT2ProY111RRVT2PNRclothianidin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5616-3000GTY112RR,LL3000GTNRclothianidin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5643VT2RIBY114RRVT2PYRclothiandin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5650VT2RIBY114RRVT2PYRclothiandin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5663VT2PRIBY115RRVT2PYRclothianidin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
LG Seeds LG5700VT2RIBY116RRVT2PYRclothianidin, Bacillus firmus, metalaxyl, ipconazole, trifloxystrobin
NK Seeds 1405-3220EZ1Y114GT,LLCB,VIPYRAvicta Complete, Vibrance
NK Seeds N66V-3220-EZ1Y110GT,LLCB,VIPYRAvicta Complete, Vibrance
NK Seeds N76A-3110Y114GT,LLCB,VIPNRAvicta Complete, Vibrance
NK Seeds N83D-3111Y118GT,LLCB,VIPNRApron, Fludioxonil, Maxim, Dynasty, Vibrance, Cruiser, Avicta
Pfister 70A1SSRY110RR,LLSSXYRCruiser Corn
Pfister 71C1PCRY111RR,LLPCYRCruiser Corn
Pfister 72G6SSRY112RR,LLSSXYRCruiser Corn
Pfister 74A2RRY114RR,LLYRCruiser Corn
Progeny PGY4114VT2PY114RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY5115VT2PY115RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY6110VT2PY110RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY6116VT3PY116RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY6119VT2PY119RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY7111VT2PY111RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGY7215VT2PY115RRVT2PNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Progeny PGYEXP1715SSY115RR,LLSSXNRPoncho 500 + Votivo
Terral REV 23BHR55Y113RR2,LLYGCB,HX1NRMaxim-Quattro + Poncho1250 + Votivo
Terral REV 25BHR26Y115RR2,LLYGCB,HX1NRMaxim-Quattro + Poncho1250 + Votivo
Terral REV 28BHR18Y118RR2,LLYGCB,HX1NRMaximQuatro + Poncho1250 + Votivo
TN 1701WWFullNECruiserMaxx
TN 1702WWFullNECruiserMaxx
TN 1703YYFullNECruiserMaxx
TN 1704YYFullNECruiserMaxx
Warren Seed DS 6414Y115RRNRMaximQuatro + Poncho1250 + Votivo
Warren Seed DS 7513Y113RR,LLPCNRCruiser Maxx 250
Warren Seed DS 9314 SSXY114RR,LLSSXNRCruiser Maxx 250
Warren Seed DS 9412 SSXY112RR,LLSSXNRCruiser Maxx 250
Warren Seed DS 9610Y110RR3000GTNRCruiser Maxx 250
Warren Seed DS 9913 SSXY114RR,LLSSXNRCruiser Maxx 250
Wyffels W7696RIBY113RRVT2PYRPoncho 500, Votivo
Wyffels W8268RIBY116RR,LLSSXYRPoncho 500, Votivo
Wyffels W8646Y116RRVT2PNRP500, Votivo
 For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26. 

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