Table 23. Yields of 11 full-season (>116 DAP) Roundup / stacked corn hybrids in 16 County Standard Tests in Tennessee and Kentucky during 2017.‡

Hybrid* Avg. Yield§
Avg. Moisture
Avg. Test Weight (lbs/bu)Cann.Call.Ches.Coff.DyerFaye.Gibs.Gile.Hayw.Hend.Henr.Madi.Monr.Mont.1Mont.2Tipt.
A*Dekalb 67-4423216.259.7227214233205255208247285280228247229156230230204
AB*Dekalb 70-2722517.359.6233205232210244188231268271221252220162221238190
BCDyna-Gro 58VC3722215.959.7198209241186249169218272275227233221172212241196
BCDTerral REV 28BHR1822216.659.8214216256194217183209272264214257207172174257212
BCDAgriGold 671122116.159.5204206245179221165226287265218261229143206241208
BCDDekalb 68-2622016.759.2229202221193218213201269264202252205158224245195
CDEDyna-Gro 57VP5121615.859.3208208226192219187229269244217233200156213257177
DECroplan 862121315.956.9225183236191219179221251262216247205142208222183
EArmor 171721116.658.9203197225185218184208275255204233205137192228203
ENK N83D-311121017.658.1214182221193207200196250243184236214165229244172
EDekalb 67-7221016.758.3207213226185217166204258255216248215136211198185
 ‡ Data Provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, Grain and Cotton Variety Testing, and Extension agents in counties shown above.† Hybrids that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different in yield at the 5% level of probability.* Hybrids marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for two (*) or three (**) consecutive years within the previous three year evaluation period.All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.County Locations include: Cannon, Calloway (KY,) Chester, Coffee, Dyer, Fayette, Gibson, Giles, Haywood, Henderson, Henry, Madison, Monroe, Montgomery (2 loc), Tipton. 
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