HybridTrait Package‡Avg. Yield§
± Std ErrMoisture at Harvest
Test Weight (lbs/bu)Lodging
Plant Height
Ear Height
Lodging¶ (Milan Irr.)
(Milan Non-Irr.)
ADekalb DKC67-44 VT2P**RR,VT2P2162120.958.61110418.95.072.731
ABDyna-Gro D58VC37RR,VT2P2122122.059.02104388.45.173.1101
ABDekalb DKC70-27 VT2PRR,VT2P2122123.257.91110419.04.872.931
ABDekalb DKC68-26 VT2PRR,VT2P2112121.458.70107377.84.674.020
ABArmor 1717RR,VT2P2092122.558.41106388.85.272.812
ABCAgriGold A6711VT2PRO**RR,VT2P2052121.258.51110408.55.173.240
ABCAgriGold A647-90VT2PRORR,VT2P2052122.258.10108428.74.673.701
ABCDyna-Gro D58VC65**RR,VT2P2022120.658.01105387.84.474.413
ABCDekalb DKC67-14 VT2PRR,VT2P1982120.959.14109398.14.773.5511
ABCBeck's Hyrbids 6774V2PRR,VT2P1962122.058.41109408.44.673.932
ABCDekalb DKC67-72 VT2PRR,VT2P1962121.856.41108398.65.072.711
ABCDTerral REV 28BHR18RR2,LL,YGCB,HX11942122.258.50113448.14.674.111
ABCDBeck's Hyrbids 6886VRRR,LL,VIP31101932123.757.82119459.24.673.522
ABCDCaverndale Farms CF 888 3000GTRR,LL,3000GT1932123.857.23114379.14.873.382
ABCDNK Seeds N83D-3111GT,LL,CB,VIP1932123.258.51115438.74.573.934
BCDEAugusta 7768GT,LL ,VIP31101892125.957.09114429.04.872.6313
CDEFProgeny PGY6119VT2PRR,VT2P1832122.857.72103388.94.973.233
DEFTN 1702W1712124.458.44110478.55.172.9123
EFGTN 1703Y1692125.158.38114459.35.571.71914
FGTN 1701W1622125.258.318127549.05.272.83323
GTN 1704Y1472124.457.730115489.14.972.76347


† Hybrids that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability.

* Hybrids marked with an asterisk were in the top performing “A” group for two (**) or three (***) consecutive years within the previous three year evaluation period.

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26.

All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.

‖ Protein, Oil, and Starch on a dry weight basis

¶ Milan irr. and non-irr. tests sustained higher than usual lodging due to storms in June. Lodging is reported separately for these locations. Lodging values do not typically follow a normal distribution, therefore statistical tests to compute LSD were not performed.


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