Table 13. Two year across locations mean yields and agronomic characteristics of 15 medium-season (114-116 DAP) corn hybrids evaluated in four REC tests in Tennessee during 2016-2017 (n=8).

HybridTrait Package‡ Avg. Yield§
Avg. Yield Std Err.Moisture at Harvest
Test Weight (lbs/bu)Plant Height
Ear Height
ALG Seeds LG5643VT2RIBRR,VT2P2161518.757.6110448.54.173.8
ABAgriGold A6572VT2RIBRR,VT2P2131519.059.1109469.84.572.9
ABCAgriGold A6659VT3RIBRR,VT3P2091520.558.8105408.94.473.5
ABCLG Seeds LG5650VT2RIBRR,VT2P2081518.859.1108479.74.573.0
BCDProgeny PGY6116VT3PRR,VT2P2041521.058.1105419.04.573.3
BCDLG Seeds LG5663VT2PRIBRR,VT2P2041520.158.2106469.04.373.2
BCDENK Seeds N76A-3110GT,LL,CB,VIP2031519.954.5115439.84.072.9
BCDEWyffels W8268RIBRR,LL,SSX2021519.657.3105439.44.373.1
BCDETerral REV 25BHR26RR2,LL,YGCB,HX12021519.358.5114468.74.074.2
CDEProgeny PGY4114VT2PRR,VT2P2011518.158.5110438.84.173.8
CDEFWyffels W8918RIBRR,LL,SSX2001519.857.7112499.74.672.6
DEFGProgeny PGY5115VT2PRR,VT2P1941518.957.4106418.84.274.0
EFGBeck’s Hybrids 6589V2PRR,VT2P1921519.959.3107459.04.373.5
FGWarren Seed DS 9314 SSXRR,LL,SSX1901520.256.198439.74.373.1
GWarren Seed DS 9913 SSXRR,LL,SSX1861519.758.1102429.34.473.1
 ‡  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 26.All yields are adjusted to 15.5% moisture.‖ Protein, Oil, and Starch on a dry weight basis 

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