Table 4. 2021 “A Group” varieties

Table 4. Average yields of varieties that were in the “A group” (not statistically different from the highest performing variety) in AgResearch and Education Center (REC) trials, County Standard Tests (CST), or both trial programs in 2021. Varieties are sorted by maturity group (3, 4E, 4L, 5) then name.

MG3AgriGold G3722RF    58467%
MG3Armor A39-F73XF65188%
MG3Asgrow AG36XF1XF5425%56167%
MG3Asgrow AG38XF1XF570%58167%
MG3Local Seed Co. LS3908XFSXF, STS6175%54133%
MG3NK Seed NK39-A1XFXF5313%56167%
MG3USG 7392XFSXF, STS661100%
MG4EArmor A45-D20R2X6544%61144%
MG4EAsgrow AG45XF0XF, STS6433%61156%
MG4EBeck’s 4320E360183%
MG4EDyna-Gro S41XS98R2X, STS66567%5956%
MG4EDyna-Gro S43EN61E36556%58167%
MG4EDyna-Gro S43XS70R2X, STS69189%62156%
MG4EDyna-Gro S45ES10E3, STS68289%63283%
MG4ELocal Seed 4565XS64189%
MG4ELocal Seed Co. LS4299XSR2X, STS68178%66
MG4ELocal Seed Co. LS4415XFXF68178%
MG4ENK 42-T5XF64167%
MG4ENK 45V9E361167%
MG4ENK Seed NK43-V8XFXF70178%
MG4ENK Seed NK44-J4XFSXF, STS66167%63178%
MG4EProgeny P4501XFSXF, STS68178%
MG4EProgeny P4505RXSR2X, STS67289%61144%
MG4EProgeny P4521XFSXF, STS68167%
MG4EUSG 7441XFXF6656%60122%
MG4LAgriGold G4615XFXF70178%5950%
MG4LAgriGold G4820RXR2X69278%
MG4LAgriGold G4900XFXF69167%
MG4LArmor A46-F13XF721100%64175%
MG4LArmor A48-F22XF70167%62142%
MG4LBeck’s 4885XF63183%
MG4LDyna-Gro S46ES91E3, STS69178%
MG4LDyna-Gro S46XF31SXF, STS70189%63183%
MG4LDyna-Gro S46XS60R2X, STS70189%62150%
MG4LDyna-Gro S48XT90R2X68178%5925%
MG4LDynaGro S49EN7961233%
MG4LDyna-Gro S49XT70R2X69278%
MG4LInnvictis A4831XFXF69144%
MG4LLocal Seed 4606XS63167%
MG4LLocal Seed Co. LS4606XFSXF, STS70189%
MG4LLocal Seed Co. LS4795XSR2X, STS70378%5942%
MG4LLocal Seed Co. LS4806XSR2X, STS68167%63267%
MG4LProgeny 4775E3S59167%
MG4LProgeny P4604XFSXF, STS70178%6033%
MG4LProgeny P4816RXR2X6633%62183%
MG4LProgeny P4851RXR2X71189%
MG4LStine 46EB2261183%
MG4LStine 47EB3256117%
MG4LStine 48EB2056133%
MG4LUSG 7461XFSXF, STS71189%64167%
MG4LUSG 7461XTSR2X, STS69189%
MG4LUSG 7472XFSXF, STS68144%
MG4LUSG 7482XFSXF, STS69156%
MG4LUSG 7489XTR2X6778%63392%
MG4LUSG 7496XTSR2X, STS72178%
MG4LXitavo XO 4681EE368144%
MG5AR R13-13997Conv.69178%
MG5AR R15-1587Conv.66178%
MG5Asgrow AG54XF0XF, STS68167%55150%
MG5Dyna-Gro S52XT91R2X6444%58150%
MG5Local Seed 5087X59475%
MG5Local Seed Co. LS5009XSR2X, STS67267%58150%
MG5Local Seed Co. LS5119XFXF66156%
MG5Progeny P5003XFXF6133%55163%
MG5Progeny P5016RXSR2X, STS66267%

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31.

§ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.

Yields highlighted in light orange were above average in their respective test.


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