Table A-26. Mean yields and agronomic data from Memphis, TN, MG-4L

Table A-26. Mean† yield and agronomic traits of 56 Maturity Group IV Late (4.5 – 4.9) soybean varieties evaluated in small plot replicated trials without irrigation at AgriCenter International in Memphis, Tennessee during 2021. Analysis included variety performance over a 1 yr (2021), 2 yr (2020-2021), and 3 yr (2019-2021) period.

VarietyHerbicide Pkg†Avg. Yield§
Moisture at Harvest
1 yr2 yr3 yr1 yr2 yr3 yr
USG EllisConv.91A20.6I
Credenz CZ 4892 XFXF86AB25.6E-H
Dyna-Gro S49XT70*R2X86A-C76AB69A25.5E-H21.4A18.8A
Credenz CZ 4742 XFXF86A-D26.9A-H
USG 7481XFXF85A-E25.1GH
AgriGold G4900XFXF85A-F26.6A-H
Xitavo XO 4681EE385A-G26.2B-H
Local Seed Co. LS4707XFXF85A-G26.3A-H
Progeny P4970RXR2X84A-H72A-D27.1A-H22.3A
USG 7472XFSXF, STS84A-H26.8A-H
Local Seed Co. LS4795XS**R2X, STS84A-H76AB71A27.0A-H22.1A19.2A
Progeny P4851RX*R2X84A-I79A26.8A-H21.8A
AgriGold G4820RX*R2X84A-J75AB26.8A-H22.4A
Progeny P4821RXR2X83A-K68A-E69A26.2C-H22.0A19.2A
Innvictis A4791XFXF83A-K26.8A-H
Innvictis A4831XFXF83A-K27.8A-G
USG 7461XTSR2X, STS82A-K28.8A-D
Dyna-Gro S46XS60R2X, STS82B-K61D-G62A26.6A-H22.0A19.2A
Progeny P4604XFSXF, STS82B-L28.1A-G
Dyna-Gro S48XF61SXF, STS82B-L26.5A-H
Progeny P4816RXR2X82B-L71A-E66A26.7A-H21.7A19.0A
Innvictis B4681EE381B-L26.5A-H
Credenz CZ 4912 XFXF81B-L26.3A-H
Innvictis A4991XFXF81B-L25.8D-H
Dyna-Gro S46XF31SXF, STS81B-L26.9A-H
USG 7489XTR2X81B-L73A-C69A25.4F-H21.0AB18.7A
Local Seed Co. LS4606XFSXF, STS81B-L26.5A-H
Progeny P4806XFSXF, STS80B-L26.6A-H
Armor A46-F13XF80B-L28.3A-F
AgriGold G4813XFXF80B-L26.5A-H
Dyna-Gro S48XT90R2X80B-L74A-C29.0A-C23.0A
Dyna-Gro S46ES91E3, STS79B-L26.1C-H
Progeny P4931E3SE3, STS79B-L29.4A
Progeny P4921XFSXF, STS79B-L28.2A-G
Dyna-Gro S49EN12E379B-L26.7A-H
USG 7490GTRR79C-L27.8A-G
USG 7461XFSXF, STS78D-L26.5A-H
Asgrow AG48XF0XF, STS78D-L27.3A-G
Local Seed Co. LS4805XFSXF, STS78E-L24.2H
Local Seed Co. LS4919XFSXF, STS78E-L28.7A-E
Innvictis B4841EE378F-L29.3AB
Asgrow AG47XF0XF, STS77G-L27.5A-G
Local Seed Co. LS4806XSR2X, STS77H-L27.9A-G
USG 7482XFSXF, STS77H-L27.4A-G
Armor A48-F22XF77I-L26.9A-H
AgriGold G4615XFXF76J-L27.4A-G
USG 7491XFSXF, STS76J-L28.4A-F
USG 7496XTSR2X, STS76KL61E-G61A29.1A-C23.3A20.0A
MO S16-7922CConv.74L67B-F20.1I18.7BC
MO S17-2193CConv.64M19.5I
AR UA46i20CConv.63M63C-G19.4I18.2C
TN Exp TN18-4110Conv.63M55G20.4I18.7BC
MO S16-12137CConv.61M20.6I
AR R16-253Conv.61M20.7I
AR R15-2422Conv.59M55FG20.0I18.7BC
MO S09-13608CConv.59M18.7I
Standard Error31081.24.03.9

† Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not significantly different at the 5% level of probability. Values highlighted in light orange are above average for a given trait, MS letters highlighted in dark orange are in the “A group”, indicating no statistical difference from the top-performing variety, for a given trait.

* Asterisks after a name indicate the number of preceding consecutive years in the top-performing “A” group.

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31. 

§ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.

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