Table 29. 2020 Variety Characteristics

Table 29. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2020, as provided by the seed company.
VarietyRel. Mat.Herb. Tol.†SCN‡Stem Canker‡SDS‡Frogeye‡Flower Color§Pub. Color?Seed Treatment
AgriGold G3620RX3.6R2XR PI88.788RAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G3722RX3.7R2XR PI88.788RRRWTAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4190RX**4.1R2XR PI88.788RRSPGAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4255RX4.2R2XR PI88.788SSSPTAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4318RX4.3R2XR PI88.788RSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4620RX4.6R2XR PI88.788RAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4820RX4.8R2XR PI88.788RSAgrishield Max + Saltro
AgriGold G4995RX4.9R2XR PI88.788RRAgrishield Max + Saltro
AGS GS42X19S4.2R2X, STSR3, MR14RRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AGS GS47X194.7R2XR3, MR14RRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AR R13-14635RR5.4RRIntego Suite + Aveo EZ
AR R15-24224.7Conv.Intego Suite + Aveo EZ
AR R16-2594.6Conv.Intego Suite + Aveo EZ
Armor A49-D144.9R2XNoneMRRWARDENCX
Asgrow AG36X63.6R2XR3RMRMSPGAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG38X83.8R2XR3RMSMRPGAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG39X73.9R2XR3RMRMSPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG43X04.3R2XR3MRMRAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG46X0**4.6R2XR3RMRMSPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG46X64.6R2XR3RMSMRPTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG48X94.8R2XR3RMRMSPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG49X94.9R2XR3RMRMRPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG52X9***5.2R2XR3RMRMSPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG53X0**5.3R2XR3RMRMSPGAcceleron, Votivo
Asgrow AG53X9***5.3R2XR3RMRMSPLTAcceleron, Votivo
Credenz CZ 3930 GTLL3.9RR, LLPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4240 GTLL4.2RR, LLPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4280 X4.2R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4410 GTLL4.4RR, LLPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4539 GTLL4.5RR, LLPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4570 X4.5R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4600 X4.6R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4730 X4.7R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4770 X4.7R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4810 X4.8R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 4869 X4.8R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4979 X4.9R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5000 X5.0R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVo
Credenz CZ 5299 X5.2R2XPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Croplan CP5010XS5.0R2XR3, MR14RMWARDENCX
DONMARIO Seeds DM 45X614.5R2XEquity
DONMARIO Seeds DM 48E734.8E3Equity
DONMARIO Seeds DM 49X134.9R2XEquity
Dyna-Gro S39EN19**3.9E3R3, MR14RMRMRWGEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S41XS98***4.1R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRMSPGEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S43EN614.3E3R3, MR14MRMREquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S43XS704.3R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S45ES104.5E3R3, MR14MSREquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S45XS374.5R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRRWTEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S46EN914.6E3R3, MR14MRMREquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S46XS604.6R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S48XT56***4.8R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S48XT904.8R2XSMRMREquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S49EN794.9E3R3, MR14RMSMRWGEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S49XS76***4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTEquity VIP plus Saltro
Dyna-Gro S49XT704.9R2XR3, MR14RMRMRWLTEquity VIP plus Saltro
GoSoy 43C17S4.3STSR3, MR14RRRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 463E20S4.6 E3, STSR3, MR14RRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 481E194.8E3R3, MR14RRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 48C17S4.8STSR3, MR14RRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy GT Ireane4.9RR12, 3, 5RRRWGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
LG Seeds LGS4227RX4.2R2X, STSR3, MR14MR(8)MS(6)PGAgriShield Max
LG Seeds LGS4464RX4.4R2X, STSR3MR(8)MR(8)AgriShield Max
LG Seeds LGS4632RX4.6R2X, STSR3MR(7)MR(8)AgriShield Max
LG Seeds LGS4899RX4.8R2X, STSR3, MR14MR(8)MR(8)PLTAgriShield Max
Local Seed Co. LS3976X**3.9R2XR3, MR14RMSRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4299XS4.2R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4407X4.4R2XRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4565XS**4.5R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRRWTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4795XS**4.7R2X, STSR3, MR14RRMRPLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4999X**4.9R2XR3, MR14RMRRWLTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS5009XS5.0R2X, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS5087X5.0R2XR3, MR14RMRRPTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS5386X5.3R2XR3, MR14RMSMRPTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS3906GL3.9GT, LLRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4607XS4.6R2X, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4706GL4.7GT, LLRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. LS4806XS4.8R2X, STSRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. ZS4694E3S**4.6 E3, STSR3, MR14RRWTRadius Premium
Local Seed Co. ZS5098E35.0E3MSMRRadius Premium
Mission Seed A4448X4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14MTTReVize PBI
Mission Seed A4618X4.6R2X, STSR3, MR14RMTTPGReVize PBI
Mission Seed A4828X4.8R2X, STSR3, MR14RMTTPGReVize PBI
Mission Seed A4950X4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RTMRPGReVize PBI
MO S16-11651C5.3Conv.R5, MR2, MR3FTFTWarden RTA
MO S16-3747RY5.0RRR5, MR2, MR3FTSWarden RTA
MO S16-5540R4.6RRR2, R3, R5FTFTWarden RTA
MO S16-7922C4.9Conv.MR2, MR3, MR5FTFTWarden RTA
NK Seed S44C7X4.4R2XR3, MR14RRRPTCruiser
NK Seed S49F5X4.9R2XR3, MR14RRR3, 14PTCruiser
Progeny 4444RXS4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14MS/MRMRPLTPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny 4851RX4.8R2XR3, MR14MR/MSMRPLTPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4241E34.2E3R3, MR14MRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4265RXS4.2R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4505RXS4.5R2X, STSMR3MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4602LR4.6LLGT27R3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4620RXS4.6R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4682E34.6E3SMSMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4700RXS4.7R2X, STSMR3MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4775E3S4.7E3, STSR3, MR14MRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4807E3S4.8E3, STSR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4816RX**4.8R2X, STSR3MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4821RX4.8R2XR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4902E34.9E3R3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4908E3S4.9E3, STSMR3MRRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P4970RX4.9R2XSMRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5016RXS**5.0R2X, STSR3, MR14MRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5170RX5.1R2XR3, MR14MRMSPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5211E35.2E3SPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Progeny P5252RX5.2R2XSMRMRPoncho/Votivo/Obvius Plus
Taylor Seed T4880X4.8R2XR3, MR14MRMRCruiserMaxx
Taylor Seed T4990XS4.9R2XR3, MR14MRMSCruiserMaxx
TN Exp TN16-50245.1Conv.R2, R3, R5unknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN16-50275.3Conv.R5unknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN17-4507R24.2RRunknownunknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN17-50215.0Conv.unknownunknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN18-40074.5Conv.unknownunknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN18-41104.9Conv.noneunknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN18-41305.0Conv.noneunknownunknownWarden RTA
TN Exp TN18-50255.0Conv.unknownunknownunknownWarden RTA
USG 7431ET4.3E3, STSR3, MR14MRRIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7447XTS**4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14MSMRMRWLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7461XT4.6R2XR3MRRIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7470XT**4.7R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7471ETS4.7E3, STSR3, MR14MRRIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7480XT4.8R2XSRMRMRPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7489XT4.8R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7491ETS4.9E3, STSR3, MR14MRMRIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7496XTS4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
VA V15-2261ST5.2Conv.PGRancona, Summit
VA V16-02934.9Conv.Rancona, Summit
VA V17-04374.9Conv.Rancona, Summit
VA V17-04624.9Conv.Rancona, Summit
†  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31. ‡ R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible. § Flower colors: P = purple, W = white, S = segregating, ‖ Pubescence colors:  T = tawny, LT = light tawny, B = brown, G = gray, S=segregating  
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