Table 29. 2019 Variety Characteristics

Table 29. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2019, as provided by the seed company.

VarietyRel. Mat.Herb. Tol.†SCN‡Stem Canker‡SDS‡Frogeye‡Flower Color§Pub. Color‖Seed Treatment
AgriGold G3722RX3.7R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RRSWTAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G4190RX4.1R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RRSPGAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G4255RX4.2R2X,STSR-3, MR-14SSSPTAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G4579RX4.5R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RSRPGAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G4605RX4.6R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RRRPTAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G4815RX4.8R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RSSPGAgriShield F, I
AgriGold G5000RX5.0R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RSSPTAgriShield F, I
Armor 42-D274.2R2XR-3, MR-14MRMRSPLTDefend Xtra
Armor 44-D924.4R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTDefend Xtra
Armor X46D094.6R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTDefend Xtra
Armor X48D254.8R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTDefend Xtra
Asgrow AG44X04.4R2X3RRRPGACC
Asgrow AG47X04.7R2X3RRRPGACC
Caverndale Farms CF 387 HT-GLYn3.8RR3, 14MRMRMRWLTTEN
Caverndale Farms CF 427 HT-GLY/STSn4.2RR,STS3, 14MRMRMRPLTTEN
Credenz 3929 GTLL3.9GTLLPVI
Credenz CZ 3660 GTLL3.6GTLLPVI
Credenz CZ 3841 LL3.8LLPVI
Credenz CZ 4222 LL4.2LLPVI
Credenz CZ 4539 GTLL4.5GTLLPVI
Credenz CZ 4820 LL4.8LLPVI
Credenz CZ 4869 X4.8R2XPVI
Credenz CZ 4918 LL4.9LLPVI
Credenz CZ 4979 X4.9R2XPVI
Credenz CZ 5299 X5.2R2XPVI
Croplan RX4117S4.1R2XPI88.788RRRPGWarden CX
Croplan RX4516S4.5R2XPI88.788RSRPGWarden CX
Croplan RX48254.8R2XPI88.788RRRPTWarden CX
Dyna-Gro S37EN393.7Enlist E3R-3, MR-14MRMSMRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S39EN193.9Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RMRMRWGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S41XS984.1R2X,STSR-3, MR-14MRMRMSPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S42EN894.2Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RMRMRWGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S43XS704.3R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S44XS684.4R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S45XS374.5R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRRWTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S46EN294.6Enlist E3MR-3MRMSMRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S46XS604.6R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S46XT804.6R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRWLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S48XT564.8R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49EN794.9Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RMSMRWGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49XS764.9R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRMSPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49XT704.9R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRWLTEquity VIP
Go Soy 40GL184.0LL GT27CMV
Go Soy 423E194.2Enlist E3CMV
Go Soy 462E184.6Enlist E3CMV
Go Soy 46GL184.6LL GT27CMV
Go Soy 482E184.8Enlist E3CMV
LG Seeds LGS4227RX4.2RRXPGAgriShield F, I, Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4393RX4.3RRXR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTAgriShield F, I, Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4420RX4.4RRXR-3, MR-14RMRRPLTAgriShield F, I, Ilevo
LG Seeds C4845RX4.8RRXR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTAgriShield F, I, Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4899RX4.8RRXR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTAgriShield F, I, Ilevo
Local Seed Co. LS3976X3.9R2XR-3, MR-14RMSRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4299XS4.2R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4487XS4.4R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4565XS4.5R2XR-3, MR-14RRRWTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4583X4.5R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4407X4.5R2XRMSRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. ZS4596GLS4.5GT,LLR-3, MR-14RMRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4677X4.6R2XR-3, MR-14RRRWTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4798X4.7R2XR-3, MR-14RMSMRWLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4889XS4.8R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4999X4.9R2XR-3, MR-14RMRRWLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4795XS4.6R2XR-3, MR-14RRMRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS4894X4.8R2XRMRMRPLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. ZS4694E3S4.6Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RRWTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. ZS4797E34.7Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RMRWLTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS5087X5.0R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS5386X5.3R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
Local Seed Co. LS5588X5.5R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPTRSP, I
MO S13-2743C4.1CONV3,14RSSWGInovate
MO S13-3851C4.4CONVRRSPLTInovate
MO S16-14730C4.5CONVPTInovate
MO S14-15138R4.8RR,STS3,14RRRWTInovate
MO S16-14379C4.7CONVPLTInovate
MO S16-3747RY5.4RR2WLTInovate
NK Seeds S39-G2X3.9R2X3,14RRPTCruiser
NK Seeds S44-C7X4.4R2X3,14RRPTCruiser
NK Seeds S49-F5X4.9R2X3,14RRPTCruiser
Progeny P4265RXS4.2R2X,STSPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4620RXS4.6R2X,STSPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4799RXS4.7R2X,STSPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4816RX4.8R2XPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4821RX4.8R2XPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4999RX4.9R2X,STSPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P5016RXS5.0R2X,STSPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P5170RX5.1R2XPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P5252RX5.2R2XPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Terral REV 4310X4.3R2X8-3, 8-14RMWLTEverGol, Energy SB, LUMISENA
Terral REV 4679X4.6R2X9-3, 8-14RMRPTEverGol, Energy SB, LUMISENA
Terral REV 4927X4.9R2X9-3, 6-14RMMPLTEverGol, Energy SB, LUMISENA
Terral REV 4940X4.9R2X9-3, 8-14RMMPLTEverGol, Energy SB, LUMISENA
USG 7460ET4.6Enlist E3R-3, MR-14RMRWLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7470XT4.7R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7478XTS4.8R2X,STSR-3, MR-14MSMRRPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7479ET4.7Enlist E3R-3, MR-14SSMRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7480ET4.8Enlist E3RMRMRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7480XT4.8R2XRMRMRPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7489XT4.8R2XR-3, MR-14RMRMRPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7496XTS4.9R2X,STSR-3, MR-14RMRMSPLTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7568XT5.6R2XR-1,R-3SMRRWTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
VA V15-14074.9PGRancona, Summitt
VA V15-2259ST4.9STSPTRancona, Summitt
VA V15-2287ST4.7STSWTRancona, Summitt
VA V15-2261ST5.3STSPGRancona, Summitt
Warren Seed BG 3701 RR2X3.7R2XR-3, MR-14RRRWLTGaucho, EverGol Energy
Warren Seed BG 4210 RR2X4.2R2X3,14MRRRPGGaucho, EverGol Energy
Warren Seed BG 4510 RR2X4.5R2X3,14RRRPLTGaucho, EverGol Energy
Warren Seed BG 4710 RR2X4.7R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPLTGaucho, EverGol Energy
Warren Seed BG 4855 RR2X4.8R2XR-3, MR-14RRRPLTGaucho, EverGol Energy
Warren Seed BG 4922 RR2X4.9R2X3,14RRRPLTGaucho, EverGol Energy

†  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31.

‡ R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible.

§ Flower colors: P = purple, W = white, S = segregating,

‖ Pubescence colors:  T = tawny, LT = light tawny, B = brown, G = gray, S=segregating

Virginia Sykes
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