Table 22. 2020 MG-4L Roundup Ready Disease Tests

Table 22. Yields and disease ratings of 27 Maturity Group IV Late (4.6-4.9) Roundup Ready soybean varieties in 10 County Standard Tests and in small plot trials at one Research and Education Center and two on-farm locations in Tennessee during 2020
Summary from County TestsSummary from Small Plot Research
Avg.Research & Education Center at Milan (RECM)On-farm Location in Jackson (JAX1)On-farm Location-Behind Wheat (JAX2)
YieldRECM – YLDFrogeyeTargetJAX1 – YLDFrogeyeTargetSDSJAX2 – YLDFrogeyeSoybean rust
MSVariety(bu/ac)*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotSpot*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spotSpot*TreatedNon-treatedleaf spot
AAsgrow 49X966.751.750.8LOWLOW51.750.8LOWLOW35.831.6LOWMOD
AAsgrow 46X066.351.850.0LOWLOW51.850.0LOWLOW31.330.1LOWMOD
ALocal Seed 4806XS66.152.545.7LOWLOW52.545.7LOWLOWLOW45.439.9LOWMOD
ABLocal Seed 4999RX65.052.249.7LOWLOW52.249.7LOWLOWLOW39.833.5LOWMOD
ABCAgriGold G4820RX63.849.247.0LOWLOW49.247.0LOWLOW33.429.6LOWMOD
ABCUSG 7489XT63.836.333.3LOWLOW36.333.3LOWLOW32.430.8LOWMOD
ABCDDyna-Gro S48XS9063.553.452.8LOWLOW53.452.8LOWLOWHIGH31.328.2LOWMOD
ABCDEGoSoy GS47X1963.150.442.1LOWLOW50.442.1LOWLOWHIGH38.535.6LOWMOD
ABCDEDyna-Gro S48XS5662.948.546.2LOWLOW48.546.2LOWLOWLOW33.329.4LOWMOD
ABCDELG Seeds 4899RX62.947.746.5MODLOW47.746.5MODLOW33.328.4MODMOD
ABCDEUSG 7480XT62.751.249.7LOWLOW51.249.7LOWLOWHIGH40.532.9LOWMOD
ABCDENK S47-Y9X62.651.548.9LOWLOW51.548.9LOWLOWLOW27.424.6LOWMOD
ABCDEAsgrow 48X962.556.149.5MODLOW56.149.5MODLOWLOW27.523.6LOWMOD
ABCDENK S49-F5X62.456.653.6LOWLOW56.653.6LOWLOWLOW38.731.6MODMOD
ABCDEAsgrow 46X662.045.344.4LOWLOW45.344.4LOWLOWLOW33.029.5LOWMOD
BCDEGoSoy GS48X1961.149.545.9LOWLOW49.545.9LOWLOWMOD41.136.8LOWHIGH
BCDELG Seeds 4931RX61.152.047.7MODLOW52.047.7MODLOWLOW33.531.8MODMOD
BCDEAgriGold G4620RX61.045.543.3LOWLOW45.543.3LOWLOWLOW34.533.5LOWMOD
BCDEDyna-Gro S46XS6061.050.646.0LOWLOW50.646.0LOWLOWLOW34.931.4MODMOD
BCDEUSG 7496XTS60.845.946.2MODLOW45.946.2MODLOW27.426.7LOWMOD
BCDEProgeny 4821RX60.749.546.5LOWLOW49.546.5LOWLOWLOW34.733.7LOWMOD
CDEFTaylor Seed 4880XS59.541.741.5LOWLOW41.741.5LOWLOWLOW29.326.7LOWMOD
CDEFTaylor Seed 4990XS59.344.244.3MODLOW44.244.3MODLOWLOW29.826.0LOWMOD
DEFArmor X48-D2558.949.844.4LOWLOW49.844.4LOWLOW29.323.0LOWMOD
EFArmor X46-D0958.755.050.7MODLOW55.050.7MODLOWLOW31.826.7LOWMOD
EFCredenz 4770X58.641.742.7LOWLOW41.742.7LOWLOWLOW30.829.8LOWMOD
FCredenz 4600X55.746.440.1LOWLOW46.440.1LOWLOWMOD37.933.0LOWMOD
YLD= Avg. Yield @ 13% moisture MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield at the 5% level of probability.   *Treated plots sprayed with Quadris TOP SBX @ 7 oz./Acre + 0.25% Induce @ R3 growth stage. RECM varieties planted June 3,  sprayed Aug 12,  and harvested Nov 5. JAX1 planted June 2, sprayed Aug 10, and harvested Oct 10. JAX2 varieties planted after wheat June 26, sprayed Aug 25, and harvested Nov 6.   LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. No rating data in SDS column indicates none was observed or not consistant enough to rate. Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 4% with an average of 2%; Target spot was ranged from 0 – 0.5% with an average of 0.02% Disease ratings at JAX1: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 6% with an average of 2%; Target spot ranged from 0 – 11% with an average of 1%; Sudden death syndrome (SDS) index ranged from 0 – 18 with an average of 3.4. Disease ratings at JAX2: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 5% with an average of 2%; Target spot was not observed; soybean rust ranged from 18 – 55% with an average of 31%   Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly & Alyson Horner from replicated plots at the Research and Education Center at Milan, the West Tennessee Research and Education Center, and on-farm location in Jackson. County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and the extension agents.  
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