Table 4. Characteristics of corn silage hybrids

Table 4. Characteristics, as described by the seed company, of corn silage hybrids evaluated in yield tests in Tennessee during 2019†.

Hybrid‡Grain ColorMaturityHerbicide ToleranceInsect ToleranceRefuge in a BagReleased or ExperimentalSeed Treatment
Augusta A7768Y118RR,LL3110GTNRCruiser 250
Augusta A9967Y117RR,LL3000GTNRCruiser 250
Croplan 5700Y117RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Croplan 5900Y119RRVT2PYRPoncho 250
Croplan 6027Y120RRVT2PYRCruiser 250

† Information on this table provided by the respective seed companies.

‡ For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 6.

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