Location Information for County trials

Table 2. Location information from county locations where corn silage variety tests were conducted in 2017.


CooperatorCountyAgentPlanting DateHarvest DatePlant PopulationSoil TypePlot Size
Scott, Randy, Steve, and Gairy Blair (Pate Acres Dairy Farm)BlountJohn Wilson06/02/1708/29/1730000Decatur, Dewey Silty Clay Loam, Hermitage Silt Loam10 ft x 950 ft
John Neal Scarlett (Scarlett Farms)JeffersonSteven Huff05/19/1708/28/1727878Dewey Silt Loam (39%), Dunmore Silt Loam (36.9%), Allen Sandy Loam (24%)7.5 ft x 1342 ft
David and Mike Saylor (Sayland Dairy Farm)WashingtonJohn Hamrick06/01/1709/11/1726484Dunmore Silty Clay Loam15 ft x 720 ft


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