Table 29. 2018 Variety Characteristics

Table 29. Characteristics of soybean varieties evaluated in Tennessee during 2018, as provided by the seed company.

VarietyRel. Mat.Herb. Tol.†SCN‡Stem Canker‡SDS‡Frogeye‡Flower Color§Pub. Color‖Seed Treatment
AgriGold G4440RX4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14, PI88SSSWTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4190RX4.1R2X, STSR3,MR14RSRPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4579RX4.5R2X, STSR3,MR14RRSPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4685RX4.6R2X, STSR3, MR14, PI88RSSPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G4750RX4.7R2X, STSR3,MR14RRRPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G5000RX5.0R2X, STSR3, MR14, PI88RRSPTAgriShield F+I
AgriGold G5288RX5.2R2X, STSR3,MR14RSRPTAgriShield F+I
AGS GS46X174.6R2X3,14RMRRPLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AGS GS48X184.8R2X3,14RMRMRWLTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
AGS GS51X18S5.1R2X3,14RMRMRWGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
Armor 42-D274.2R2XDefend Extra
Armor 45-D434.3R2XDefend Extra
Armor X44-D364.4R2XDefend Extra
Armor 45-D504.5R2XDefend Extra
Armor X46-D634.6R2XDefend Extra
Armor 47-D224.7R2XDefend Extra
Armor 49-D135.0R2XDefend Extra
Armor X51D775.1R2XDefend Extra
Asgrow AG36X6 RR2X3.6R2XR3RMRMSPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG37X8 RR2X3.7R2XR3RMRMSPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG38X8 RR2X3.8R2XR3RMSRPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG39X7 RR2X/SR3.9R2X, STSR3RMSMRPGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG37X9 RR2X3.8R2XR3RMRMSTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG43X7 RR2X/SR4.3R2X, STSR3RMSRLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG44X6 RR2X4.4R2XR3RMRMRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG45X8 RR2X/SR4.5R2X, STSR3RMSMSPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG42X9 RR2X4.1R2XR3RMSMSTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG43X8 RR2X4.3R2XR3RMSRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG46X6 RR2X4.6R2XR3MRMRMRPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG47X6 RR2X/SR4.7R2X, STSR3RMRRWLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG49X6 RR2X4.9R2XR3MRRRPLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG47X9 RR2X4.7R2X, STSR3RMSRLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG48X9 RR2X/SR4.8R2X, STSR3RMSMSLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG49X9 RR2X/SR4.9R2XR3RMSRLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG55X7 RR2X5.5R2XSRMSMSTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG52X9 RR2X/SR5.2R2XR3RMRMSLTAcceleron I
Asgrow AG53X9 RR2X5.3R2XR3RRMSGAcceleron I
Asgrow AG54X9 RR2X5.4R2XR3MRMSRTAcceleron I
Caverndale Farms CF 387 HT-GLYn3.8RR3, 14MRMRMRTEN + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 427 HT-GLY/STSn4.2RR,STS3, 14MRMRMRTEN + Vibrance
Caverndale Farms CF 478 RR2Y/STSn4.7RR2,STS3, 14MRMRMRPLTTEN + Vibrance
Credenz CZ 3841 LL3.8LL2/93/93/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVo
Credenz CZ 3601 LL3.6LLWTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4044 LL4.0LL3/94/93/9WTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4105 LL4.1LL3/93/92/9WTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4222 LL4.2LL,STS4/96/9PTPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4308 LL4.3LLPTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4548 LL4.5LLPTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz HBK LL49504.9LLSSRGTPoncho, Votivo, ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4748 LL4.7LL1/95/91/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz HBK LL49534.9LL1/96/91/9PGPoncho Votivo +ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4820 LL4.8LLWTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4918 LL4.9LLPGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 4938 LL4.9LLPGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5150 LL5.1LL1/95/91/9PGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5242 LL5.2LL1/95/93/9PGPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5147 LL5.1LL1/91/93/9PTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5445 LL5.4LL1/94/91/9WTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5225 LL5.2LL,STSWTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Credenz CZ 5328 LL5.3LLPTPoncho Votivo + ILeVO
Croplan RX48254.8R2XR3, MR14RRRPLTBoth F&I
Croplan RX48104.8R2XR3,MR14RRPLTAgriShield F+I
Croplan RX49284.9R2XR3,MR14NANANANAAgriShield F+I
Croplan RX51105.1R2XR3,MR14RNAPLTAgriShield F+I
Dyna-Gro S39XT083.9R2X3, 14MRMRMRPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S43XS274.3R2X, STS3, 14SMRMRWLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S41XS984.1R2X, STS3, 14MRMRMSPGEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S45XS374.5R2X, STS3, 14RMRRWTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S44XS684.4R2X, STS3,14RMRRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro SX18845XT4.5R2X3,14RMRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S48XT564.8R2X3, 14RRMRPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S49XS764.9R2X, STS3, 14RMRMSPLTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro S52XT085.2R2X3,14MRMSRWTEquity VIP
Dyna-Gro SX18652XS5.2R2X, STSSRMSWGEquity VIP
GoSoy 43C17S4.3CONV3,14RMRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy E4510S4.5CONV3,14RMRRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy Ireane4.9CONV2,5RMRRWGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 49G164.9RR1,2,3,5,14RMRRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy Leland5.0CONV1,2,3,5,14MSRMRWTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 54G165.4RR3,14MRMRMRCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 51C175.1CONV3,14RMRRPGCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 53C165.3CONV2,3,5RRMRPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
GoSoy 50G175.0RR1,2,3,5,14RMRMSPTCruiserMaxx Vibrance
Hefty H43X84.3R2XR3, MR14R2.32.0PGDominance 2
Hefty H45X8S4.5R2X
Hefty H46X64.6R2X, STSMR3, MR14RMR1.9PLTDominance 2
Hefty H49X7S4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RRMRPLTDominance 2
Hefty H48X74.8R2X3,14RRRPTDominance II
LG Seeds C4845RX4.8R2XR3, MR14RRRPLTAgriShield F+I+Ilevo
LG Seeds C4710RX4.7R2XR3, MR14RMRRWB?AgriShield F+I+Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4597RX4.5R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPLTAgriShield F+I+Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4624RX4.6R2XR3, MR14MRMRMRPTAgriShield F+I+Ilevo
LG Seeds LGS4989RX4.9R2XR3, MR14MRN/AMRWLTAgriShield F+I+Ilevo
Local Seed Co. LS4487XS4.4R2X, STSPLTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4565XS4.5R2X, STSSTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4583X4.5R2XPLTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4689X4.6R2XPTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. AV47W2X4.7R2XWGTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4966X4.8R2XPLTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4889XS4.8R2X, STSPLTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. AV49W3X4.9R2XTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4968XS4.9R2X, STSPLTTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4988X4.9R2XPGTruis Elite
Local Seed Co. LS4677X4.6R2XR3, MR14RGVGWLT
Local Seed Co. LS5087X5.0R2XPLTTruis Elite
Mission Seed A4447NSXR24.4R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
Mission Seed A4637NSXR24.6R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
Mission A4608X4.6R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
Mission A4618X4.6R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
Mission A4828X4.8R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
Mission A4950X4.9R2XYESRRRPGRevize PBI
MO S13-2743C4.1CONV3,14RMSWGCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S13-10590C4.3CONV5RRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S13-3851C4.4CONV5RRPLTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S13-10592C4.5CONVRRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S14-9051R4.7RR5RRWGCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S14-15-146R4.6RR,STSRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S14-15138R4.8RR,STS3,14RRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S14-9017R5.3RR1,3,5RRWLTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S13-1955C5.5CONV3,14MSMRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S11-20242C5.1CONV2,3,5,14MSRRWTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO MO5201D CONV5.3CONV3,14RMRRWLTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
MO S15-104345.5CONV1,2,3,5,14SPTCruiserMaxx Advanced+Apron XLILEVO+Maxim
NK Seed S42-B9XS4.2R2X, STS3,14PTClarivia Complete
NK Seed S45-J3X4.5R2X3,14PGClarivia Complete
NK Seed S50-G9X5R2X3,14PTClarivia Complete
Petrus Seed 479 GTS4.7RR,STSMR3, R14RSWTInovate 4.74/cwt
Petrus Seed 4916 GT4.9RRMR – 1,2,3,5,14RMRRPTInovate 4.74/cwt
Progeny 4247LL4.2LLMRMRMRSEGLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000
Progeny 4255RX4.2R2XR3, MR14SMR/MSMR/MSPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4444RXS4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14RMR/MSMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4318RX4.2R2XUNKNOWNRUMRWGPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny P4570RXS4.5R2X, STSR3,MR14RMRRPGPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny 4930LL4.9LLMR3MRMRRPGPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4757RY4.7RR2R3, MR14RMRRWLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4620RXS4.6R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4799RXS4.7R2X, STSR3RMRRWLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4816RX4.8R2XR3RMRMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 4851RX4.8R2XR3, MR14RMR/MSMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P4955RX4.9R2XUNKNOWNRUMRPGPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny P4994RX4.9R2XUNKNOWNRMRUWLTPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny 5226RYS5.2RR2,STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 5414LLS5.4LL,STSMRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 5016RXS5R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMRPLTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny P5018RX5.0R2XR3,MR14RMRRPLTPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny P5252RX5.2R2XUNKNOWNRUUWGPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny P5279RXS5.2R2X, STSSuscRRMRPGPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny P5554RX5.5R2XR-1, R-3MRMRRWTPoncho 600, Trilex 2000, Votivo, iLevo
Progeny 5752RY5.7RR2RMRRPTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Progeny 5688RX5.6R2XR1, R3SMR/MSRWTPoncho 600, Votivo, Trilex 2000, iLevo
Taylor 3908X3.9R2X
Taylor 4209X4.2R2X
Taylor 4308X4.4R2X
Taylor 4808X4.8R2X
Terral REV 4857X4.8R2X9/3, 9/14RRSWApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
Terral REV 4927X4.9R2X9/3, 6/14RRRPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
Terral REV 49L884.9LL8/3 4/14RRRWApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
Terral REV 47L384.7LL9/3, 6/14RRRPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
Terral REV 46L994.6LL8/3, 8/14RSPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
Terral REV 4679X4.6R2X9/3, 8/14RRRPApron + EvergolEnergy + Gaucho + PPST2030
TN Exp TN13-43044.9CONVRWGWarden RTA
TN Exp TN14-50214LCONV2,3,5RWGWarden RTA
TN Exp TN16-520R14LRRRWGWarden RTA
TN Exp TN15-40094.8CONVR5WTWarren RTA
TN Exp TN16-554R14.9RRRWGWarren RTA
TN Exp TN11-51045ECONVRWGWarden RTA
TN Exp TN16-619R15.0RRRWGWarren RTA
TN Exp TN16-630R15.0RRRWGWarren RTA
TN Exp TN16-510R15.1RRRWGWarren RTA
TN Exp TN16-5858R15.4RRR5RWGWarren RTA
TN Exp TN16-50045.8CONVWGWarren RTA
USG 7447XTS4.4R2X, STSR3, MR14MSMRMSWLTIpconazole/Metalaxy/Imidicloprid
USG Ellis4.9CONVRWGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7487XTS4.8R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMSPGIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7496XTS4.9R2X, STSR3, MR14RMRMSPLTIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 74G98L4.9LLRRPGIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 7489XT4.8R2XR3, MR14RMRMRPLTIpconazole/Metalaxy/Imidicloprid
USG 75B75R5.7RR2MR14RRRPTIpconazole, Metalaxyl, Imidicloprid
USG 7568XTS5.6R2X, STSR1,R3SMRRWTIpconazole/Metalaxyl/Imidicloprid
USG 5618V5.6CONVRMRRWTIpconazole/Metalaxy/Imidicloprid
VA V14-12194CONVPTRancona Summitt
VA V14-41404.6CONVWTRancona Summitt
VA V13-01134.6RRPTRancona Summitt
VA V14-37625.0CONVPTRancona Summitt
VA V12-0045R25.6RR2RPGApron Maxx (4 oz/100 lb) + Gaucho 600 (3 oz/100 lb)
VA V14-39835.6CONVPTRancona Summitt
VA V12-14165.6RRWGRancona Summitt
Warren Seed BG 3821 RR2X3.8R2X3,14PGCruiserMaxx
Warren Seed BG 4210 RR2X4.2R2X3,14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4510 RR2X4.5R2X3,14PLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4322 RR2X4.3R2X3,14WLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4911 RR2X4.8R2X3,14PLTCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4842 RR2X4.8R2X3,14PGCruiser Maxx
Warren Seed BG 4922 RR2X4.9R2X3,14PLTCruiserMaxx

†  For a full description of abbreviated biotech traits, see table 31.

‡ R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible.

  • Flower colors: P = purple, W = white, S = segregating,

‖ Pubescence colors:  T = tawny, LT = light tawny, B = brown, G = gray, S=segregating

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