Variety†CST & REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST & REC Tests Avg. Moisture %CST Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST Avg. Moisture %REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aREC Tests Avg. Moisture %
Average (bu/a)5512.95312.45613.5
Credenz CZ 5147 LL6012.45812.46212.4
Terral-REV Brand REV 48L63 (LL)5912.75312.16413.3
Credenz CZ 4748 LL5712.45311.56113.2
Credenz CZ 5445 LL5613.05613.65612.4
Credenz HBK LL49535614.25512.35716.1
Beck's Hybrids 474L4 (LL)5612.45211.65913.2
Credenz CZ 5242 LL5512.95413.45612.4
Progeny 4930LL5513.15612.25314.1
Dyna-Gro S49LL34 (LL)5513.15512.15414.2
Credenz CZ 4818 LL5512.55211.75713.4
Credenz CZ 5150 LL5412.25312.15512.3
Credenz CZ 5225 LL (STS)5312.95213.45412.4
Terral-REV Brand REV 49L49 (LL)5113.65012.35214.9
Credenz CZ 4540 LL5113.15112.45113.8
Progeny 4814LLS5113.15012.45113.8



† If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR), then it is not part of the variety name.

‡ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.