Variety†Avg. Yield‡ ± Std Err. (n=12) bu/aKnoxville Irr. bu/aSpringfield Irr. bu/aSpringfield Non-Irr. bu/aMilan Irr. bu/aMilan Non-Irr. bu/aAmes Non-Irr. bu/a
Progeny 5752RY59 ± 1745531726159
USG 75B75R (RR2)58 ± 1735631695760
AR R10-197RY57 ± 1705530735957
TN Exp TN13-5513R255 ± 1675631665558
TN Exp TN13-5745RR153 ± 1605031695256
Average (bu/a)56695431705758
L.S.D..05 (bu/a)31045895
C.V. (%)9.910.66.613.39.412.66.9


† If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR), then it is not part of the variety name.

‡ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.