Summary from 8 County Tests MSSummary from Small Plot Research        
Average (bu/a)50.650.143.246.444.9
RECM - Moderate Disease PresssureJAX - Severe Disease Pressure
RECM - YLD *TreatedRECM - YLD Non-treatedFrogeye leaf spotBrown spotTarget spotOther DiseasesJAX - YLD *TreatedJAX - YLD Non-treatedFrogeye leaf spotBrown spotTarget spotOther Diseases
Brand/VarietyAvg Yld bu/a
AArmor 55-R6857.354.446.5LOWMODLOWCLB38.652.5LOWHIGHLOWCLB
BDyna-Gro 32RY5552.446.241.3LOWMODLOWCLB51.055.1LOWMODLOWCLB
BTerral 51A5652.151.245.0LOW40.447.1LOWMODMOD
BCProgeny P5226RYS50.752.742.2HIGHMODMOD40.638.1HIGHHIGHLOW
CDAsgrow AG533546.850.241.5HIGHMODLOW50.947.2MODMODLOW


YLD= Avg. Yield @ 13% moisture

MS= Varieties that have any MS letter in common are not statistically different in yield at the 5% level of probability.

Varieties denoted with an asterisks (*) or (**) etc. were in the top performing group for consecutive years.

County locations include: Coffee, Dyer, Franklin, Gibson, Madison, Tipton, Wayne, Carlisle (KY)


*Treated plots sprayed with Quadris TOP @ 8 oz./Acre + 1% Induce @ R3 growth stage. RECM varieties planted June 1 and JAX planted May 23

LOW, MOD, and HIGH is a relative ranking of disease severity at each location. Other diseases noted: SC=Stem Canker, CLB=Cercospora Leaf Blight, SDS=Sudden Death Syndrome;  ‘ – ‘ indicate variety was not tested at that location, † indicates ratings not able to be taken

Disease ratings at RECM: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 20% with an average of 9%; Brown spot ranged from 19 – 31% with an average of 25%; and Target spot ranged from 0 – 14% with an average of 3%.

Disease ratings at JAX: Frogeye leaf spot ranged from 0 – 66% with an average of 16%; Brown spot ranged from 20 – 64% with an average of %; and Target spot ranged from 0 – 3% with an average of 1%.


Disease ratings & yield data compiled by Dr. Heather Kelly from replicated plots at the Research and Education Center at Milan (RECM, which is irrigated and had moderate disease pressure), and on-farm location in Jackson (JAX, which is dry land and had severe disease pressure). County data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, and the extension agents.