Variety†CST & REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST & REC Tests Avg. Moisture %CST Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST Avg. Moisture %REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aREC Tests Avg. Moisture %
Average (bu/a)5212.75112.45413.0
Progeny 5226RYS5412.55111.85713.1
Terral-REV Brand REV 51A56 (RR)5412.75212.55513.0
Credenz CZ 5375 RY4912.95012.94912.9


† If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR), then it is not part of the variety name.

‡ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.