MSVarietyAvg. Yield† bu/aMoist. ‡ %Carlisle 6/23 §Coffee 6/22Dyer 5/10Franklin 6/10Gibson 5/6Madison 5/11Tipton 6/12Wayne 5/6
Average (bu/a)51125441596361533340
AArmor 55-R6857126048736465633649
ABAsgrow AG553354125746606362583945
BDyna-Gro 32RY5552135346565963623349
BTerral 51A5652125839586668613136
BCProgeny P5226RYS51125445607058463538
BCDBayer CZ 537550136033636560562733
CDNK S52-Y247125140556555433235
CDAsgrow AG533547125138555757463240
DUSG 75J23R46124637496360452937


† Yields have been adjusted to 13% moisture.

‡ Moisture at harvest.

  • Planting date.

Each variety was evaluated in a large strip-plot at each location, thus each county test was considered as one replication of the test in calculating the

average yield and in conducting the statistical analysis to determine significant differences (MS).

Varieties denoted with an asterisks (*) or (**) etc. were in the top performing group for consecutive years.

MS= Varieties with any MS letter in common are not statistically different at the 5% level of probability.

Data provided by Ryan Blair, Ext. Area Specialist, Grain and Cotton Variety Testing, and the extension agents in the counties shown above.