Variety†CST & REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST & REC Tests Avg. Moisture %CST Avg. Yield‡ bu/aCST Avg. Moisture %REC Tests Avg. Yield‡ bu/aREC Tests Avg. Moisture %
Average (bu/a)55.812.755.711.755.913.7
Progeny 4757RY6012.76111.86013.7
Armor 47-R70 (RR2)6013.06111.76014.2
Warren Seed DS 4633 R2Y5912.76011.65813.7
Terral-REV Brand REV 48A26 (RR)5912.85811.65914.0
Terral-REV Brand REV 48A76 (RR)5812.36011.45713.2
Asgrow AG4632 (RR2)5812.85811.95813.7
Progeny 4613RYS5713.15612.05814.2
Terral-REV Brand REV 47R34 (RR)5712.75711.95613.5
Terral-REV Brand REV 49R94 (RR)5612.45711.55613.3
Dyna-Gro S48RS53 (RR2,STS)5512.65411.75613.5
Beck's Hybrids 465R4* (RR)5512.75611.85413.7
Croplan 4700 (RR)5512.75411.75513.7
USG 74K95RS (RR2,STS)5412.85011.75713.9
Warren Seed DS 4850 R2Y/STS5412.75111.75613.8
Credenz CZ 4959 RY5212.95512.14913.8
Credenz CZ 4656 RY5112.75111.75213.7
Credenz CZ 4898 RY4912.54911.64913.5


† If a trait appears inside parentheses i.e. (RR), then it is not part of the variety name.

‡ All yields are adjusted to 13% moisture.